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In Kenya, we don’t grill them because rickshaws don’t have grills!


What a country – I think I’ll stay here!

Poodle grilled on SUV

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It’s got to be done, I suppose, but this is going to be miserable


Still revolutionary!

I-95 will be shut down intermittently on Tuesdays – Thursdays for blasting and the creation of lane extensions at the Exit 15 Norwalk bottleneck until at least February 2015.  I already avoid I-95 as much as possible during the week and this will provide added incentive. Hell, I might even head west – I renewed my passport this summer – and see what’s doing in Byram these days.

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In case you had any doubt whether the mainstream media is Obama’s creature


The fourth estate in repose

DNC fires up the troops and gets NYT, Politico and other lapdogs to denounce the Obama (white) hate video before it’s aired.

At about 7:30 p.m. ET, the DNC Rapid Response team sent an email to reporters titled “That was Lame,” listing “instant reaction to the latest lame Drudge/Hannity desperation tactics.”

The email merely included tweets from journalists — before the story was published — expressing skepticism and disinterest and the mistaken claim that the video had been published before.

The tweets used by the Democratic National Committee came from reporters at organizations including Politico, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, New York Magazine and the Atlantic.


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Hinted at in Greenwich Time, true story here

Havemeyer hoarder set the fire that burned up his mother and killed him.  Earlier today, the GT quoted a fireman as saying “clutter” delayed rescuers’ access to the victims, and so you kind of knew the situation, but more details are here. So far as I know, the Greenwich Time is still denying that Paul Ryan was at Conyers Farm Sunday, so who knows if they’ll get around to expanding their original story but then, who needs the Greenwich Time?

 An extreme hoarding situation ended in extreme sadness on Tuesday. It may have been a final act of defiance that killed a man and seriously injured his sick mother.

The run-down home has been an eyesore for years, attracting complaints from neighbors and the city of Greenwich. Now, the woman who owns it is badly burned and her 42-year-old son is dead, CBS 2’s Lou Young reported.

The fire started inside a home jammed with stacks of personal possessions — a hoarder’s den turned death trap.

“Smoke pouring out of the house and we said there’s someone still inside, and about five or six minutes later they took the second person out in an ambulance over there,” neighbor Richard Meehan said.

“The fire department has determined it was intentionally set,” Greenwich Police Lt. Craig Gray said.


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Raveis Statistics

The Raveis website still has figures just through August and I may have posted on these before but here’s one of their tables. Raveis does a great job with its Internet presence – check it out for lots of useful data. I think the median sale price, by the way, is a far more useful number than the average price for a town like Greenwich, where $14 million sales can and do happen, even in down markets. Either way, a drop of 8-8.7% is hardly encouraging, yet sellers have responded by raising their average list price 1.2%. And we’re supposed to be a town of financially sophisticated home owners. Go figure.


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Mocked, Obama campaign hides its “Lady Parts” ad, but too late

InstaPundit screen-grabbed it. Too bad Egyptian women, 90 % of whom are circumcised by their male masters, aren’t within the Messiah’s protection circle.


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Joe Biden abandons ship, supports Romney

The middle class has been buried in the past four years!


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Burying the lede

Look for, the union label, it says we’re able to make it in the USA!

Story here about California’s Treasurer, Bill Lockyer and the political troubles his 30-year-younger wife’s porn film/meth habit is causing him. That’s a big boo hoo and certainly titillating, but the real scandal is way down on the second page, when Lockyer’s hoped-for new job is discussed:

In an interview, Lockyer said his interest in serving as chancellor of the California State system had nothing to do with his family turmoil or the possibility of it being raised in a campaign. Lockyer, whose term as treasurer ends in 2014, would have to step down to take the post.

The university system, based in Long Beach, has 23 campuses, almost 427,000 students and 44,000 faculty and staff; its sister, the Oakland-based University of California system, has about 220,000 students, and 170,000 faculty and staff, according to their websites.

That’s some staffing-to-student ratio – yet with all those people holding safe, state-secured jobs, California’s still going broke. Who’d have figured?


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Bank sale


Free toaster with purchase

71 Orchard Place, Unit B, sold for $1,000,000.  At one point when dreams were free, the developer asked $1.795 million. That was in 2007 – he didn’t get it.

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Executed contracts

Listings here.

6 Castle Court, asking $2.6995. There are two approved building lots on this 2.8 acre lot, with wetlands approval, so that may explain the quick (56 ) time on the market. Though this also represents, I think, the reappearance of the builders; this started at $3.850 million in 2006 and lingered for years before expiring at $2.695 in 2009. Three years later it came back on at that last price and found a buyer immediately.

733 Lake Avenue also reports a buyer. Asking $4.595 at the end, it started at $5.3 million 480 days ago. This is the new house built when that fat fraud Lowell Weiker’s “Applejack Farm” was split in two (would that that had happened to its owner) and although it’s a beautiful building, my client and I thought it the ultimate in architectural hubris that its designer specified single-paned windows for “historical authenticity”. It’s a new house, for crissake, and with modern fuel prices, the lack of insulated glass is just crazy. Now forbidding a furnace, air conditioning, electricity and a dishwasher, that we understood. But windows? Dumb.

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And the next step is ….



Federal government “suggests” that families incorporate foods served in the newly mandated school lunch program at home so children will become familiar with peas.

And serve Bloomberg portions too. After all, if the federal government is paying for health care, it has the right to dictate what people eat and how much of it. Mandatory exercises in the park start tomorrow morning at 6.


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Hey, Kiddies, here’s a Halloween treat you haven’t seen before!

Extruding the hand of fiendship to all

“Unkster” sends along this heartwarming article about a butcher who’s shaped meat into body parts so that even gouls can finally enjoy All Hallow’s Eve.

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Sales, accepted offers

92 Orchard (to be built-upon)

Sales: 92 Orchard in Cos Cob, $900,000 on a $1.2 asking price. This is an 0.88 acre lot (37,453 sq. ft.) in the R-12 (12,000 sq ft) zone so, while I don’t think you can build three houses here, two seems likely and so $450,000 per building lot seems entirely reasonable.

606 Indian Field Road, Mead Point, sold for $6.1 million. A contemporary that I liked but it’s entirely possible that it won’t survive to see the next year. Originally priced at $7.495 million in April, 2011, the listing was “cancelled” in February of 2012 after its price had fallen to $6.495 and relisted at that same price the same day, thus resetting the “Days on Market” from 407 to 0 and the asking price from $7.495 to $6.495. That helps our GAR maintain its fictional, rosy statistics, of course, because this will now go down as a sale with just 106 DOM instead of the true count of 593, and the “sales to ask ratio” as 94% rather than 81%. Every little bit helps, down at the lair of the Evil Princess.

Accepted Offers/Executed Contracts

483 Riversville Road

483 Riversville Road, five acres (with house), asking $1.595. Cheap land and, as its listing boasts, “convenient to Westchester Airport!” Beware of paratroopers dropping in on your next barbeque.

11 Will Merry Lane, asking $2.5 million. I thought this was a very good value at this last price (it’s probably going for even less than that). The first price, $3.4 million, wasn’t so appealing.

59 Lockwood Avenue, Old Greenwich, $1.895 million. A buyer after just 67 DOM, so it’s fair to assume it’s selling for near that asking price. What price, Old Greenwich?

9 Center Road, $990,000, and same question. House needs a total renovation and because it’s on just 0.17 acre, FAR limitations will hamper expansion (like, none). Still,  it can be a nice house after that renovation and this is a good, quiet street.

44 Carriglea, Riverside. Asked $4.250 originally for what is essentially a one-acre building lot, dropped to $3.250 and someone bit. Hmm.


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Kings opens in Old Greenwich, seeks grammarian


October 2, 2012 · 9:22 am

Doctors hate ObamaKare. prefer Romney to Barry Hussein

Of course, there are always exceptions

Most of them, anyway.

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