The Tingle’s Gone

Chris Matthews’ melt-down after Obama’s performance.


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6 responses to “The Tingle’s Gone

  1. My rant

    I find this video amusing. A great example of how truly nutty and partisan the political scene, thanks to cable, has become. They’re so shaken that their man got smoked. Reminds me of some football team that got housed 50-0. Pure overconfidence. Are there any checks and balances among the liberal crowd or do they just stay in the Big City, convincing themselves that the world eventually has to come around to their way of thinking? I’ll never understand what these people want.

  2. Balzac

    Chris Matthews in spittle-flecked, shouting meltdown………makes us think of $ Bill, no?

  3. Greenwich Gal

    Chris Matthews is really losing it – imagine what kind of amazing television it will be if Romney wins. Better melt down that Howard Beale in NETWORK.

  4. Fred2

    That tingle down your leg Chris…it’s turning in to a tinkle…

  5. hmmm


    democrats are frauds everyone knows it…

    and you have to look no further than there desire to help the unwashed…how’s that working out for them??? i see they are still on the plantation and not by chance but by design…