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Other than that, it was accurate

Australian government recalls health poster after “errors crept in”.

The health department has recalled copies of the embarrassing Female Human Anatomy poster which were distributed to health centres and indigenous workers around the country as part of its “Live Longer!” public health campaign.

The poster confused the stomach with the lungs, labelled the small intestine as the stomach and showed the oesophagus running into the lung.

It also appeared to show a pancreas inside the stomach.

“The ureters look like they join to the small intestine instead of the kidneys, and the bladder is sitting on top of the uterus. The lack of any attention to detail in these posters is an insult to the (indigenous people) who were the target audience for this material.”


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Uh, give me a minute here, would ya?

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From the land of leprechauns, where everything just keeps getting littler

GAR Evil Princess’s Irish twin?

(From Unkster, FWIW’s Irish reporter)

Condo development once valued at €9.5 m now on the block for €295,000.

IRELAND’S cheapest apartments just got cheaper.

A development of 47 luxury flats had been on the market priced at €11,800 each.

But, estate agents acting on behalf of the liquidator put them on sale again — this time at €6,275 per unit.

In fact, the whole development in Ballybofey in Co Donegal, once valued at €9.5m, can now be bought for just €295,000.


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Four out of Seven Connecticut Supreme Court Justices say, “if she didn’t plead then she agreed”

Chief Justice Chase Rogers: Does this robe make me look stupid?

Overturn conviction of Richard Fourtin, who raped a paralyzed cerebral palsy victim with the IQ of a three-year-old. The british press is distressed by this news, failing to fully appreciate the genius of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence as it has evolved in the Colonies, but what do they know? Full decision here.

The state also presented ample evidence to demonstrate that the victim communicated with many individuals by various means, including the use of a communication board, as well as by gestures, biting, kicking and screaming. As we previously indicated, the state presented no evidence or argument to call into question the testimony concerning the victim’s nonverbal methods of communication. The state did, however, elicit testimony from several physicians that they were unable to communicate with the victim during the course of gynecological examinations. That evidence simply is not probative of whether the victim was unable to physically communicate to the defendant that his alleged sexual advances were unwelcome. The fact that the physicians sought information from S, rather than the victim, for purposes of conducting medical examinations is not relevant with respect to establishing that the victim was unable to convey the concept of ‘‘no’’ at the time of the alleged sexual assault.


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Post Obamapocalypse review

Some awfully funny stuff here on PJ Tatler.

The comic even admitted Obama might not be as smart as he first imagined. Stewart mocked, “You know, I used to think the pauses, he was just trying to think of smaller words for the little brains to figure out what he was saying. This time, I really think the pauses were just, ‘I like food.’…’My children are nice.’”

Stewart derided Obama, suggesting to GMA’s Lara Spencer the President must, now, know that “preseason’s over.”

Speaking for the incumbent, Stewart imagined, “I should probably familiarize myself with my presidency and learn some of the various numbers and things that go along with it.”

How bad has it gotten for Obama today? Campaign guru David Axelrod used a conference call to issue a cry for help from the media:

Democratic strategists are now fighting to preserve the narrow poll lead which Mr Obama enjoyed in the run-up to the debate, as fired-up Republicans aim to capitalise on the primetime thrashing and entrench the image of Mr Romney as a potential President.

Mr Axelrod, speaking on a campaign conference call, made an appeal to reporters to make the points that Obama himself had failed to make in the debate.

And did you enjoy a chortle when Al Gore – remember Al Gore? – said Obama failed last night because he was too high to perform. I wouldn’t want to make this stuff up even if I could.


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Deal in the works

94 Doubling Road wasn’t listed for sale until today, when it showed up as enjoying “executed contracts”. Looks like the price will be $7.8 million. One of those Jordan Saper airplane hangars so popular with Greenwich buyers, it sold in 2002, new, for $7.5 million and again in 2004 for $6.990.

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Our Media abhors a vacuum, rushes in to fill Obama’s head

Bad night at the OK Corral, but the lackeys are coming in to do damage control.

He didn’t say it? Then we’ll do it for him!

But it’s irresistible to the left wing lickspittle Obama media — they have to make his arguments for him.  Even after the worst debate performance by a presidential candidate in decades — maybe ever — the press still feels the need to step in and say, in effect, here’s what our candidate should have said.


That’s what the next few days will be: Obama’s too smart, he’s too cerebral, he’s too thoughtful, he’s too professorial.

Anything but the truth: he’s a rotten candidate and a lousy president and he’s got precisely zero to run on.

By the way, notice the author’s prescient suggestion that we’re soon to hear that Obumpski was “too professorial”. The Chairman of the Greenwich Democrats had already received the word from Axelrod before this column came out and posted here just a few hours ago,  “I think Barack was a bit over-professorial.” Thanks, Frankie. Dollar Bill? Have they sent you your talking point yet?


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Three sales reported

Three’s better than nothing.

15 Hycliff

15 Hycliff (July contract), $1.7 million. 4.67 acres, very nice house. It spent 719 days on the market because its owners priced it at $2.795 way back then. It’s final listing price was around $1.850 million, so this will show up in our statistics as a 92% sale/ask ratio instead of the actual 61% but you’ll know better, won’t you?

11 Orchard, an 1860 house converted to multi-family use and essential of no historical value, sold as land for $525,000 on a $749,000 original ask. 70% sale/ask, if you’re keeping track.

25 Cat Rock, $1.9 million, last sold in 2003 for $2.065, with a lot of renovations done after that purchase. This is an excellent house for this price and I liked its five acres, even though much of that land is rock and the rest is swamp (in fact, there’s a perfectly usable side yard, but you get the picture). Any kid from my generation or even my children’s generation would find those five acres to be Paradise – today, will helicopter mommies let Precious risk Lyme Disease? I doubt it.


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Okay, now I really AM leaving

But I’m not the only one dawdling this morning: where’s Dollar Bill, with his take on his master’s triumph last night? Waiting for talking points to be distributed by Democratic Underground? I can wait, and it looks like I’ll have to.


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One sale reported

254 Riverside Avenue, sold for $1,562,500, 604 DOM. 2006 sales price: $1.975.

UPDATE: A reader writes, “We offered 1.5m 2yrs ago to start a negotiation process but were rejected.” You don’t have to accept the first offer that comes in, of course, but before rejecting it you might consider how often this sort of thing happens, and whether you’ll really do better if you leave your house out there for 604 days. Often, you won’t. There’s a house not far down the street from this one where exactly this process is repeating itself. Those owners will be chasing that first bid – not the bidders, they’ve bought a better house – for the next year, as their lender’s breath gets hotter on their neck and their home’s value deteriorates.


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Off to a couple of open houses

Not much out there, which is frustrating to agents and buyers, because people still want houses. The problem I’m encountering is, duh, prices for new listings are still too high, for the most part. A house priced at, say, $1.195 that needs $150,000 in improvements to bring it up to date is out of reach of buyers whose limit, all in, is $1.050, and there’s not enough house there to entice buyers in the $1.8 range.

And so on, through all the price ranges. Houses still sell quickly in the rare instance when they come on properly priced – the bulk of new listings will still be with us in the spring.

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Here’s good news for Obama, as spun by Business Insider

August factory orders fell 5.2%. “Better than the 6% we expected!” They’ll predict a 10% drop for September and then won’t -8% look great?

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Oopsie Daisey!


Off to raid the Ladies’ Garden Club tea

Drug enforcement squad digs up, confiscates 1,624 daisies.

 [N] ews is just now starting to surface that this wasn’t a successful bust.  At the time when police were first interviewed Staff Sergeant Wes Houston said that “This is a significant bust, given the size of this operation.”  As he greeted reporters he was actually proudly displaying garbage bags full of daises, thinking that he was holding marijuana.

Now months later that same officer is talking to reporters again, only this time admitting that the whole raid was a mistake.  This week he told reporters that “In any investigation, police count public safety as our top priority, our decision to seize the plants was made with the best information we had at the time.”


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Helluva defense, Brownie


That’s the best they can do?

Democrat partisans are howling that doddering old Jim Lehrer let Romney run away with the debate last night and thereby prevented the Great Orator from displaying his appeal and aptitude. Hmm.

Obama’s performance reminded me of my own back when I was trying my first case, 26-years-old and fresh from law school. The defense lawyer took control of my witness and tore him to shreds, using tactics absolutely not allowed under the rules of evidence while I stood there watching the train wreck, knowing I should do something, but completely unable to figure out what. The judge sat silent behind his bench as he waited for me to step up and I’m sure he was amused at a young lawyer getting pummeled against the ropes.

Which is how one learns the trade – no big deal; the case was of no significance to anyone except my poor victims, I received battle experience and hopefully became a better lawyer, and life for all of us went on. But I wasn’t the leader of the free world back then (still not, according to my betters) and I wasn’t trying to hold back, say, Putin or even a little squit like Ahmadinejad. If Obama, community organizer and former teaching assistant, can’t control an 80-year-old former TV host and stand up to a former governor, if he’s reduced to helpless tears while a mean ol’ bully talks longer than his allotted time, whose fault is that, and what does it say about the character of the bullied?

On the job training isn’t a terrible thing when the stakes are meaningless, but it’s a little frightening to watch when the student is four years into the job and still incompetent.



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