From the land of leprechauns, where everything just keeps getting littler

GAR Evil Princess’s Irish twin?

(From Unkster, FWIW’s Irish reporter)

Condo development once valued at €9.5 m now on the block for €295,000.

IRELAND’S cheapest apartments just got cheaper.

A development of 47 luxury flats had been on the market priced at €11,800 each.

But, estate agents acting on behalf of the liquidator put them on sale again — this time at €6,275 per unit.

In fact, the whole development in Ballybofey in Co Donegal, once valued at €9.5m, can now be bought for just €295,000.


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3 responses to “From the land of leprechauns, where everything just keeps getting littler

  1. Anonymous

    That’s almost as bad as North West Greenwich backcountry.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    This one is worth a sniff test. Let’s take a look at it. OK?

    The odds of meeting a pretty Irish girl are between slim and none, but when they do mint one, they are spectacular. MAUREEN!! The prettiest girl who ever lived!! A beautiful, buxom Irish filly, with a sharp tongue and a bubble ass!! I LOVE HER!!

    You already wear a dress, right? So a kilt won’t be a big deal. Any chance you play the bag pipes? Do you like potato’s? Potatoes? Those starchy spud things the Irish eat?

    How much are these Euro dollars? I want to know the cost of these condoms in real American money.

    I know a ton of Irish priest and altar boy jokes, so we will have no problem making friends and fitting in.

    Erin Go Bra!!
    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous

    Ah, the details of the deal lie in the last sentence: “They can then either sell it on or complete them,” he added.”

    Many thanks to Unkster for this and other interesting news from Ireland. I enjoy (maybe not the right word) them very much. What a scam and a shame that the people are left to clean up the ruins.