Other than that, it was accurate

Australian government recalls health poster after “errors crept in”.

The health department has recalled copies of the embarrassing Female Human Anatomy poster which were distributed to health centres and indigenous workers around the country as part of its “Live Longer!” public health campaign.

The poster confused the stomach with the lungs, labelled the small intestine as the stomach and showed the oesophagus running into the lung.

It also appeared to show a pancreas inside the stomach.

“The ureters look like they join to the small intestine instead of the kidneys, and the bladder is sitting on top of the uterus. The lack of any attention to detail in these posters is an insult to the (indigenous people) who were the target audience for this material.”


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2 responses to “Other than that, it was accurate

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    “Progressive Educators at Work for a Greater Australia”

  2. Hu Nhu?

    Okay, a few trifling typos. Big deal. The really important question remains unanswered: are contraception and abortion free and available on demand?