Our tax dollars at work

Hartford road kill

Our selectmen held a meeting yesterday and after a great deal of thought, approved a 25-mph sign for Lincoln Avenue in Old Greenwich. I have no problem in theory with a requirement for such approval because without it we’d have anarchy, with lemonade stand signs and ads for Democrats sprouting up everywhere. But this part caught my eye: “The request is now sent to the Office of State Traffic Administration for approval.”

Do we really have a state agency overseeing the placement of road signs in every municipality? Really?  What must a town do to obtain approval? Furnish a study, with maps, charts and 8 X 10 color glossy photos with pictures and arrows on the back? Does a team come down from Hartford to see the site for themselves?

What could be more of an exclusively local decision than the placement of a speed sign on a tiny street like Lincoln? If a town has to go through Hartford for such a simple task, is it possible that similar bureaucratic speed bumps are imposed on private individuals and businesses in this state? Nah, that would be crazy.



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  1. Lets not forget the Environmental Impact Study ……

  2. Anon

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s the placement of the sign. I think it is changing the speed limit. I don’t know if the speed limit on Lincoln was something different before, but if it was, that is dictated by the state. Not that a state controlling speed limits in towns makes any more sense to me than controlling placement of signs, but that’s how it works. I know this because I asked the town about changing a speed limit near my home and they said it would have to go through he state and, basically, not to bother.

  3. GPD Folk

    Anon 5:26 is correct it has to do with the enforcement of the sign/speed limit . Title 14 ( MV Laws) are regulated by the STC …they need to approve it before it can be “official”

  4. Anonymous

    Even more silly, it appears the Town now feels obliged to hold a hearding every time they want to cut a tree or bush, giving people the opportunity to object because they see no reason to ever mess with nature!


  5. Peg

    Not quite the same thing, Christopher, but – an example of the enormous waste. In Minneapolis, we have one airport. It has a two terminals that are not connected to one another. For decades, one was called the Lindbergh Terminal; the other the Humphrey Terminal. Most travelers would go to Lindbergh; the other terminal was for charters and “budget” airlines (of which we – alas – have very few).

    In any case, apparently, something like .3% of people going to one terminal would get lost and go to the wrong one. What was the solution to this? Renaming the terminals AND putting up new signs on the surrounding highways to alert people! The new names were the very informative “#1” and “#2.”

    Of course, the signs cost a few MILLION to make and erect.

    And we wonder why our nation has so much debt, one cannot even fathom how many zeroes are appropriate….

  6. dogwalker

    8X10 glossies? Why do I feel the urge to listen to Arlo?

  7. Westchesterer

    Sounds like Greenwich is following the path that has ruined Westchester in the last decade. You should see, we went to this poor guys house – he’s paying 17,000$ a year on a 400,000$ houses. Once you stop people from building new houses, you lose tax revenue, and the effective rate goes up. Let’s cheer for the thugs at the P&Z because they’re increasing home values! That’s a nice though, until nobody wants your old piece of crap.

    Guess what? Can’t build a house there, that’s a historic tree. Oh? That stone wall is historic. Guess what? We need to do an environmental study, we saw a couple of frogs on your property. Now you’re in the grip of a kafkaesque tribunal that only prolongs its bureaucratic lifespan and destroys free markets.

    The government will keep growing and trampling on property and other rights until the people demand a stop. The people must demand smaller government and a restoration of individual rights. The government will never forgo the accumulation of power unless it is forced to.

  8. Anonymous

    Why do you suppose the selectman and the harbormaster are always getting into it? You probably know McMillan, Tesei and Theis, right? What gives? I am inclined to think that Ian represents the interests of town waters and boaters fairly well. Maybe like you and DB, the relationship is just bound to always be fractious.

  9. Al Dente

    Following Obama’s re-election you will be submitting (with $500 cash fee) your proposed postings to the Blog Uniform Review Panel (BURP) for the initial two-year assessment. It will then take approximately 6 months for the Factual Assessment Revision Team (FART) to make appropriate edits and corrections, and then release the post for publication, or put you in jail, depending on their mood at the time.

  10. Peter

    It is apparent that you have not rehabilitated yourself.

  11. Anonymous

    @Anon 9:45, after reading the latest article where the genial Mr. Marzullo became exasperated with the harbor master, I’d say it appears to be Ian’s desire (rooted on by FF on the sidelines) to just be a PITA…but that’s just my opinion.

    Seriously, what employee, without a budget or specific instructions, decides to go out and spend a couple of thousand dollars and expects to get paid for it? Especially when he works for the state and expects the town to pay his expenses after the fact.

  12. Anonymous

    To follow up on my previous post at 11:56am, exhibit a: http://www.greenwichtime.com/default/article/Town-administrator-overstepped-bounds-3848558.php

    Making trouble for trouble’s sake. Ugh.

    • Whatever one thinks of our harbor master’s behavior, I think the position of town administrator is superfluous and expensive and if we’re looking to cut expenses, I’d focus on that position and the salary that goes with it first. .

  13. Anonymous

    What I find equally troubling is a 25mph speed limit on Lincoln Ave. What was it before? 30? 35? That is a very narrow, residential street loaded with kids on scooters and cars occasionally parked on the road in front of houses. It’s crazy to drive over 20 on that road. In fact, nearly every street in OG should be 20 for that reason. Max 25mph on Sound Beach, Shore & Tomac. Way too many SUVs bombing around at 30mph on tiny residential streets and 40+ on “main” roads.

  14. OG17

    Anon, you need special permission from the state to go lower than 25mph – found this out working on traffic calming. We all thought 25 was way too fast for side roads -welcome to the Peoples Republic of CT