Got tired of blaming Bush?

Obama crew blames Kerry for debate debacle.

This is getting deliciously amusing – they’ve run through every excuse their fevered brains can hallucinate, from Jim Lehrer to a lack of oxygen to Romney’s “lies”, to Mitt waving a white hanky and fooling the Great Debater into thinking he was surrendering and now, a defeated candidate for president. At some point, perhaps on a Wednesday early in November, they’ll realize that the blame lies with their incompetent, shallow flag carrier himself.


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8 responses to “Got tired of blaming Bush?

  1. Al Dente

    John Kerry is the poster boy for premature rigor mortis. I predict that, because of all the buzz, twice as many people will tune in to round 2, and Romney will attack again. There’s blood in the water.

  2. Anonymous

    O/T In light of The One’s record haul in September, I have a link back to his 2008 record haul.

    It’s like deja vu all over again. 😆

    What makes me sad though is that I can’t imagine the WaPo or NYT printing such an article today and it has only been four years. Four lousy years.

  3. Peg

    Obama’s creed: “The buck stops anywhere but here.”

  4. Anonymous

    One word……Amateur

  5. AJ

    Good link It was his idea, one of the best articles on the subject I’ve read to date. My favorite criticism of the debate so far has to be Bill Maher’s what Obama did with my million dollar contribution. A million dollars? Whoa, that’s really being into politics.

  6. db

    Oh, come on, my post wasn’t that bad assuming you want to see it from both sides.