The never called, they never wrote, not even flowers!

A’courting we will go, a courtin’ we will go, hi, ho dinerio, a’courtin we will go

Study: Humans broke off sex with Neanderthals after discovering Asian girls.


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10 responses to “The never called, they never wrote, not even flowers!

  1. Rick

    I guess that explains why Cos Cob is Cos Cob.

  2. pulled up in OG

    The chairman of the House Science Committee’s panel on investigations and oversight says his mama d’int bang no Neanderthawl. The pudding says otherwise.

  3. dogwalker

    I did one of those DNA tests. It said I have 3 percent Neanderthal DNA. Hummm . . .

  4. Al Dente

    My Democrat girlfriend insists on taking milk baths. I asked her once, “pasteurized?” “No, silly,” she responded. “Just up to my boobies!”

  5. Anonymous

    at least you are recognizing science.

    neanderthals are todays equivalent of republicans, conservatives and the TP

    where I am from, republicans can’t get laid, so maybe it’s already starting.

    • Actually, it is the progressives who encourage abortion, negative-growth child ratios of 1 1/2 “person hoods” per couple, and gay marriage, who oppose vaccines and in general, prefer a return to the stone age, so I’m counting on them and their never-to-be-born children disappearing from the face of the earth (faster, please) before they do further damage. Here’s hoping.

  6. Anonymous

    But Chris , being against gays and pro life is very backwards. I guess we have a paradox situation no ?

    Akin to liberals being welcoming to fundamental Muslims, which of course are more backwards than repubs/conservatives /TP.

  7. Anonymous

    Here is a GOPer:

    He sits on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Hell I’ve heard of Democrats who believe that wealth is a fixed pie, that if one person has a larger slice than someone else he must have stolen it, that who made the pie is irrelevant to who eats it, and how much, and that a central government should be the supreme pie cutter. No, really – there are such fools!

  8. AJ

    While it’s pretty easy to laugh at the inflexibility of fundamentalist cosmology, It’s just as easy to laugh at liberal smugness and their absolute assuredness at just how much the other side is wrong.

    Case in point, the big bang theory:
    “…Richard Feynman could say that “science is the culture of doubt,” in cosmology today doubt and dissent are not tolerated, and young scientists learn to remain silent if they have something negative to say about the standard big bang model. Those who doubt the big bang fear that saying so will cost them their funding.

    Even observations are now interpreted through this biased filter, judged right or wrong depending on whether or not they support the big bang. So discordant data on red shifts, lithium and helium abundances, and galaxy distribution, among other topics, are ignored or ridiculed. This reflects a growing dogmatic mindset that is alien to the spirit of free scientific enquiry…”

    Case in point, Darwin’s natural selection:
    “…A half-wing is no good as a leg and no good as a wing — you can’t run and you can’t fly. It has no adaptive value whatsoever. In other words, with a half-wing you are dinner. The wing will work only if these hundred mutations happen all at once, in one animal — and also these same mutations must occur simultaneously in another animal of the opposite sex, and then they have to somehow find each other, have dinner, a few drinks, mate, and have offspring with real functional wings. Talk about mind-boggling. This is infinitely, absolutely, utterly mind-boggling. Random mutations cannot even begin to explain this. (emphases in original)…”