Cry me a river

Detroit police union warns visitors to city, “enter at your own risk”. Hand out cautionary flyers at parks.

Detroit police chief traded sex for promotions.

Detroit isn’t that far from Peoria Illinois, home of Caterpillar – maybe a fleet of bulldozers sent up from there could permanently solve the city’s problems.


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13 responses to “Cry me a river

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Entirely off topic, Chris, pay attention here, this is a McCain’s Rule 5 tutorial. Look and learn:
    The Camp of the Saints – Rule 5 Saturday

  2. anonn

    You consider 7+ hours not being “that far”?

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Detroit is a microcosm of what happens under liberal Democrat rule. Philadelphia and New York are not far behind. Obviously, the way to fix this is to increase entitlements, punish success with higher taxes and more regulation, and increase the size of government. How can that not be a good idea?
    Which is Barry’s plan. So the whole country will look like Detroit. Move forward!!
    How does ANYONE, with some common sense, and a remote understanding of economics, think this is the fix?
    What does Francis think? That rocket scientist.
    And I can get behind rule 5. But it is really about rule 34.
    Your Pal,

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    And Kennedy was a Democrat. But he had common sense, and didn’t lose his head over these moronic liberal ideas. HE CUT TAXES!! And the Federal Governments tax receipts improved. Because more people were working. DUH.
    That enabled him to fund Nassau, which enabled us all to drink Tang, and enjoy the beach. What is wrong with that? It is common sense that two people paying $10,000 in taxes is better than one person paying $20,000, while the other one sits on his ass. Right? RIGHT!!
    Nassau also invented mirror sunglasses, so you could ogle hotties on the beach and not look like a pervert. They also invented breast implants, so they could sell more sunglasses. GENIUS I SAY!!
    And Barry cuts Nassau funding. It makes no sense.
    Your Pal,

  5. AJ

    Barry cut Nassau funding? I thought he bought the place with taxpayer dollars so Michelle would have a private island retreat.

  6. db

    Seems there are plenty of dangerous cities in both red and blue states:

    Fun part is that many of them look as bad as anything you will find in the third world.

    • Since the goal of progressive collectivists and greens (redundant, I know) is precisely to duplicate the Third World everywhere, it’s not surprising that their first successes have come in urban areas. They’ll spread out from there, once that part of the mission is accomplished.

  7. Fred2

    There’s no need to send bulldozers to detroit, it’s self-demolishing.

    However erecting a wall around it to prevent the denizens from escaping to infect other places – THERE’s a plan.

    And in my bid to provide fresh new ideas, I recommend that all of Obama colleagues and cronies, plus obvious candidates like Pelosi, lunatics like Sen Wasserman-Schultz, anyone working for Acorn, etc… be thrown over the wall into Detroit with all their money,and skills.

    Why yes, I do have a little list.

    Besides with all there vast skills and compassion, I’m sure Detroit will soon be the beacon of the middle west, a shining example of job creation, social equality, etc… Or a couple of cave beasts huddled around a fire eating their young, whichever.

  8. just_looking

    AJ, Walt’s Nassau is NASA. Of no use to Michelle.

  9. Anonymous

    You missed the top story in Detroit, the three ring circus that is the Kilpatrick family. Kwame, the former mayor and former rising Dem. star, has already been to prison once, owes the city nearly $1M in judgements from that first case, and is back on trial again.

    This time with his father as codefendent, his mother recently retired from Congress but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. 😉

    Then there’s former city council president, Monica Conyers (wife of Con. John Conyers) cooling her heels in the Feds “Camp Cupcake” prison for corruption, while former city council member Sam Riddle (corruption) has recently moved from FBOP to a halfway house.

    For some reason, Detroit fascinated me for awhile a few years ago and I spent some months digging around on the web. I was stunned by the amount of blatant corruption and the interconnectedness of it all.

    I think that was the beginning of the end of my lifelong devotion to the Democratic Party.

  10. Libertarian Advocate

    Anonymous: I’m pretty sure I’ve read on the interwebs something to the effect of: It ain’t your daddy’s Democrat Party anymore

  11. Anonymous

    just goes to show that the auto industry and the baby boomer generation that created the suburbs and the war on drugs too , sucks.

    time to own up to that, or just keep trying to move this country in reverse.