Don’t tell him it’s not being held in Denver

Unleash me, I’m ready!

Joe Biden in hyperbaric chamber for next six days, preparing for the debate. One school of thought says that oxygen deprivation at birth cannot be reversed, but Joe’s handlers are optimistic.


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16 responses to “Don’t tell him it’s not being held in Denver

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I think you are wrong about Joe B. Not the part about him being a total moron when it comes to running anything, but as a person.

    He is a likeable guy. He knows he is as shallow as piss on a rock. He embraces it. He likes fast cars and big tits. He likes football. He would rather be in Hooters eating wings, drinking beer, and telling dirty jokes, rather than debate. He just makes shit up, says whatever pops into his head, and smiles like the Joker. How can you not like that?
    He seems like a real person, which most of them don’t. And he has dealt with personal tragedy in a very admirable way. So he has character, and moral values, which I respect.

    So I think he may surprise you in the debates. I swear to God, if in the middle of the debate, he asks Ryan to pull his finger, and cuts a fart, I am voting for him.
    Because that is what I would do.

    Your Pal,

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    So I am watching football, and see all these pink towels, and pink gloves, and pink stripes on the uniforms, and wonder what is going on. It is breast cancer awareness month, Dude!! Shouldn’t you change the masthead to nice big pink breasticles, you heathen? Get with the program.

    No one appreciates the fun bags more than me. Should we conduct breast inspections at your office? Your office being your car, correct? We can be the mobile hooter mobile of Greenwich, and give free feel up’s. What do you think?

    And I did see the Greenwich EMS sleeping in a parking lot today. No shit!!

    Anyhows, in all seriousness, please, protect the breasts. Get a mamomiagram. It is important.

    Your Pal,

  3. AJ

    That they would use a hyperbaric chamber would be no surprise given that numero uno succumbed to the delirium that sometimes accompanies altitude sickness. Odd that Al Gore with all his earth sciences expertise didn’t know that you can’t get altitude sickness at 5,000 ft. — one of the reasons that Whistler Mountain with its 7,000 ft. summit elevation is such a popular ski destination.

    The Biden-Ryan debate will be a must-see event, seeing as how Biden couldn’t get the best of, and essentially tied his intellectual inferior, that cute little cupcake, poor Sarah Palin who’s so dumb she had to get her dad to load and adjust the scope on her “own” rifle whilst hunting big game on her TLC Alaska show. Not to worry my liberal friends, whoever you may be: Joe Biden is smarter than you are, and has the bona fides to prove it.

  4. AJ

    Joe Biden, politician extraordinare, couldn’t even defeat someone in a debate who literally palmed crib sheets on, of all places, the palm of her hand. Good luck, Joe: you’re going to need it.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    You missed the fact that the Beatles released their first single 50 years ago this week. You blogger extraordinaire.

    Their impact on culture was extraordinary. It really was. John Lennon was a genius. And he turned conservative in his later years. How he was in to popping that hag Yoko is beyond me. I get the whole Asian fetish thing, but her? Do you understand it, you chubby lover? Maybe when you are brilliant, you value something more than a bubble ass and huge fun bags? Is that possible?

    His death was a tragedy, and deprived us of a brilliant, talented man. I met Paul McCartney on an East Hampton beach in the 80’s when he had nothing really going on. No shit. He was a nice guy.

    Anyhows, who is the hottie at 1:10 in this video?

    Right after the very attractive Connecticut lesbian Kate Hepburn?
    Step it up, or you won’t see 11 million.
    Your Pal,

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Is it Lauren Bacall? I met her too!! When she was way past her hottie years, but she was a trash talking pisser. And she is a Jew. Nice lady. You think that is her? She banged Bogey, babie!!
    Your Pal,

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    And because your blog is deteriorating into the dullest place in cyber space, now that you are Mr. 10 Million hit man, sitting on your fat disgusting haunches, can we get a post please? You egomaniac.

    How about what is the best song ever written?
    Here is some help, if you want to cheat:

    A lot of them pick Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody. NO WAY DUDE!! That song isn’t top 100. I am actually thinking that Muslim radical Cat Stevens “The First Cut is the Deepest”. Especially when I am on my period and feeling blue
    And how is that not a sin? The man has a God given gift, and ignores it. To become Muslim Yusuf Islam? And never sing again? IGNORE HIS TALENT!! NOW THAT IS A BLASHPHEMY!!

    Or Neil Young – “Heart of Gold”? That liberal freak James Taylor “Fire and Rain”?
    Who do you pick Dude? “60 Minute Man”? “Cotton Eyed Joe”? “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree”?

    “American Pie” could make the list. Being about trim and all. The holiest of hollies. Who doesn’t vote for that?

    Reader Survey!!
    Your Pal,

  8. Great Biden video !!!!
    Proving that the taxpayer paid hair implants lower IQ…..
    just ask Chucky Schmoozmaster ….
    It is in essence low altitude sickness, as a permanent sign of ego without substance…..

  9. Not related to anything, but Micky Sherman was walking around the Food and Wine Festival in Roger Sherman Park for hours yesterday.

  10. Westchesterer

    Check this out: even bloom berg knows thug like zoning laws are destroying investments and jobs.

  11. Peg

    I like Joe, too.

    But – are we picking buddies to go out and have beer and watch football at the sports bar? Or guys to get our nation out of the toilet?

    Makes a difference.

  12. Sound Beacher

    Walt: It is a glammed up Judy Garland in her younger years.

  13. Anonymous

    @Iwhi, thanks for the link, VDH is always worth a read.

    Here’s another “recently unearthed” video of Obama from 2005 at Harvard, more race baiting. How on earth did none of these manage to see the light of day in 2008? Is Slickie Willie getting the last laugh on The One by releasing oppo research they couldn’t use for fear of being called racists?

    Snip of O’s comments Obama claims that Americans in the private sector who have achieved financial success dis so due to “blind luck” and a “generation of women doing someone else’s laundry and looking after someone else’s children to get you here.”

  14. Anonymous

    Opps, source for the video was a link in this Real Clear Markets article by Bill Frezza.