Nicholas Kristoff would approve

Swedish Smorgasbord

Kristoff, most recently noted for comparing a modern economy with a kindergarten  room, magically supplied with crayons from no known source and unfairly hoarded by a few of the children (wonderful dissection of Kristoff here), will love this story of a Swedish school cafeteria chef who’s been ordered to stop making such delicious food because it’s “unfair” to students at other schools. “Those other kids have to eat shit-on-a-shingle”, Village Idiot Sven Johannson, explains, “so why should this group not suffer too? Fresh-baked bread? Vegetable buffets? Nej – they all must go.”


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2 responses to “Nicholas Kristoff would approve

  1. AJ

    From Comrade Kristoff’s collectivist rant: “Yet you gasp: one avaricious little boy is jealously guarding a mountain of toys for himself. A handful of other children are quietly playing with a few toys each, while 90 of the children are looking on forlornly — empty-handed.”

    Following Kristoff’s logic we should have the better endowed amongst us lopped off and cut short so that little pishers won’t feel inadequate. What they’re selling is a race to the bottom where rather than lifting those who are less fortunate, we should all live in squalor so that none are unfairly rewarded by enjoying the fruits of their success.

    “…the State has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State… for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.” Ah, the Hegelian dialectic. If only they would teach what it is instead of imposing it in schools.

  2. Peg

    One of my best friends from childhood, and someone I love dearly, told me this horrible tale about her child’s school. Apparently when they have sports, no one “wins” nor “loses” – because it “hurts too much” to lose.

    What are you supposed to say about this? Life is ALL about winning and losing! Winning is great, and losing seasons you to get better so you can go out and WIN the next time!

    Three guesses as to who my friend is going to vote for in November. Aaack!!! 😦