There he goes again.

And here’s another one from Vladimir!

Obama has once again avoided election campaign laws and once again the media ignores it. He did this 2008, with great success and with no bad consequences.

Back then, Mark Steyn had this to say about the pre-paid credit cards and other dodges the Messiah was employing:

On the grubby little racket of his online credit card fraud, Senator Obama merely has to run out the clock now. If it’s not exposed before Tuesday, no one is going to have any appetite for investigating it once he’s won. So he must be relieved that this off-message headline — “Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations” — only gets as far as Page 2 of The Washington Post. (There is an element of art to these calculations: The Obamatron editors in the media want to be able to cover themselves by saying they raised the story, but the trick is to do so at a time and place that prevents it going anywhere before November 4th.) ….

So two-thirds of Obama’s record haul derives from a website that intentionally disabled all the default security checks that prevent basic fraud like fake addresses and no-name matches ….Here’s the bottom line: Two-thirds of the record-breaking haul Obama raised for the final stretch of the campaign comes from a racket set up to facilitate fake names, phony addresses and untraceable cards.

You can’t fault our president for committing fraud and taking advantage of his free pass from the press. Who could resist the temptation to grab $181 million in just one month if he can  get off scot free? Well, some of you might say, “the President of the United States” but you’d be thinking of the position and office itself, not the current occupant.


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4 responses to “There he goes again.

  1. AJ

    Another four years of this guy will be analogous to the second term of Richard Nixon, wasting precious time exposing the regime’s criminality until a second president is forced to resign. President Biden, anyone? Will we all be asking: where’s Alexander Haig when you need him?

  2. Fred2

    It be interesting to know how much is being spent, as I recall Washington pols can KEEP and unspent election fundraising fund when they retire/are retired. ( which is an abomination and perversion of justice and fairness)

    Maybe The one is just feathering this retirement account.

  3. Peg

    I find it appalling that the Leftist Brigade of the MSM today pretty much ignores all this. It goes to the heart of our very system of government – but – they are too busy writing about how Romney didn’t get as rich as he should have or how Paul Ryan doesn’t explain down to the last penny how he is going to better manage our nation’s finances… So – little details about Obama perhaps getting illegal campaign funds to the tune of tens of millions of $$$ is just (YAWN) ignored.

  4. Green Mtn Punter

    Class action alwsuit? RICO would be more appropriate,i.e., The American People vs. The U S Gov’t and the following Media: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, et al There must be one GOP atty out there willing to step up for this one? The DOJ will never do it so perhaps it can be called a class action RICO suit?