Well, if you put $37 million in one place, you necessarily have to take it from somewhere else

School Board protests capital spending budget cut from $10 to $8 million. Of course it does – the schools are deteriorating, they need new roofs, window, hvac systems and just general maintenance, but the BET insists that there isn’t enough money to pay for it all. Kind of makes you wonder if spending $37 million (and climbing) for a new music palace was the best way to use scarce resources, don’t it?


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9 responses to “Well, if you put $37 million in one place, you necessarily have to take it from somewhere else

  1. Anonymous

    I have been saying this for years!

  2. Just_looking

    Seems obvious to most that are not involved, and it seem common from one municipality to the next. There seems to be no glory in maintaining buildings for generation, instead the powere that be find enormous glory in creating something new and big with other peoples money.

  3. Georgie

    The pols don’t get re-elected for the lowly task of maintaining buildings—rather its the new shiny fire and police stations and music spaces.

    And, god forbid, our friend Horton or Vigdor write about the “quiet,” cost drivers—with town services delivered by a low producitivty work force earning lifetime too rich compensations.

    Of course, your partner FF will say to redistribute income and tax the 1% rich so YES WE CAN have all these magnamious capital projects as well as rich lifetime compensations to employees.

    Until…..”eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

  4. Anonymous

    Monsieur de la Fontagne,
    I head that Greenwich realtors are losing sales to families that want to live in towns with better schools. Can this be true?

    • I can’t say I’ve noticed that but Greenwich homeowners should push for the establishment of even more private schools – that’s where most of my clients are sending their kids.

  5. CatoRenasci

    No sympathy. The school cognoscenti should have done basic environmental testing before they foisted the Music Palace on us. No excuses for that – other than willful ignorance and malfeasance. F’em. We’ll clean the HS Hazardous Waste Site Up, and build them their damned gold plated Music Palace, but no more capital spending until it’s done. They chose MISA. Live with it.

  6. Anonymous

    Sounds like they are busy, but could they put a little time into finding an effective elementary school math curriculum – instead of that Everyday Math garbage?

  7. Brian BTN

    The school administration has actually started the process to review the mathematics curriculum, so that the new program can align with the Common Core States Standards. Everyday Math has an “aligned” program, but it appears to be only a minor reshuffling of the current program, which (as Anonymous notes) is not sufficient to deliver a solid education to our children, as evidenced by the amount of supplementing teachers are doing to ensure their students are actually learning arithmetic.

    The Board of Education will review the Math Monitoring Report in early November, which will serve as the official kick off of this review. Parents should attend the public Board meeting later in the month to voice their opinion about Everyday Mathematics, so as to ensure that it does not get considered in the review and to push for a thorough but efficient review which will lead to the introduction of a new program (at least for the elementary schools) by Fall 2013.

  8. GreenITCH

    re Anonymous – while certainly not scientific .. i live in riverside and work in NYC . I have 3 colleagues with young families that have come up to town to look around …most were amazed by the outdated and shoddy elementary schools , lack of play grounds and noted average school performance. One family came up and bought a pass for Todds Point for the day …and ” could not find the playground ” ?!?! I told them to wait until they see our new Welcome center and that they would be amazed at home much fun their kids could have on one of our park benches !!!…CF when i tried to sell them on our plethora of choices in private schools , one trader remarked … him $ 20k taxes on $2.5mio usd house and $ 30k for private school ….” yeah maybe if i lived in Stamford or Norwalk but taxes not much higher in Darien or Westport – 10 – 15 minutes more on train well worth those towns amenities and i have the water / beach as well ” ….another trend i am noticing as well … people grew tired of McMansions …oversized houses for undersized families etc ….and now those paying the bills ( at least the guys i speak to on train commuting ) are growing weary of “al a carte” expenses for family after you pony up to live in a community ..