When a green president endangers soldiers’ lives

See (a little of) the USA, in a Chevrolet!

Not just “green” in the sense of inexperienced and incompetent, I’m referring to Barry’s executive order that the entire federal vehicle fleet convert 100% to “alernative energy” by 2015. So the Army is buying electric cars and trucks that cost three times what conventional vehicles do, have just a 100 mile range and take 8 hours to recharge. Oh, and their batteries burn up, too.

U.S. Army officials are buying electric-powered trucks that can cost three times as much as the vehicles they replace even though the manufacturer admits its batteries are like those that have experienced fires during development tests by other automakers.

The Army EV trucks are part of the Department of Defense’s response to President Obama’s May 2011 Executive Order requiring that the entire federal fleet of vehicles use alternative fuels by 2015. Federal civilian agencies have nearly 60,000 cars and trucks. The Department of Defense is estimated to have more than 185,000 vehicles of all types.

Diverting military dollars to feel-good projects instead of weapons and saddling soldiers with vehicles that can’t go where they’re needed, must spend a third of each day plugged in to an electrical outlet (are there electricity sources in the desert?) and burn up when they’re used is sacrificing American soldiers for the illusory promise of a new society based on propeller beanies and windmills. We as a country deserve better, I hope.


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10 responses to “When a green president endangers soldiers’ lives

  1. Al Dente

    I would like to put Obama and Gen. George Patton in a room together for 5 minutes.

  2. AJ

    He’s got to be the most lame-ass, most destructive to his own country (?) leader of a major world power since Nero burnt Rome.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    This is another example of libtard lunacy. The only cause we want our military to focus on is the defense of our Constitution. Which Barry believes is a racist, archaic document, meant to be ignored. Even though he has taken a sworn oath to defend it.

    We don’t want the military to be distracted by being green, or gay friendly, or all that other liberal crap. We want them to be the best equipped and trained military on the planet, and let them do what they do best. Kill gooks, camel jockeys and commies. And quit worrying about collateral damage. We have hamstrung our brave boys with rules of engagement better suited for a slumber party than a frigging war. I am not in favor of civilian casualties, but if they are hanging out with Al Cuedda, what do they expect? They should move to a better neighborhood, or run the rats out themselves. Is Al a wop or a slum Dude? I think I know a Cuedda from Cos Cob. He used to cut my lawn.

    Anyhows, Barry believes it is the Governments job, first and foremost, to control its citizenship. To decide what is best for you, in all aspects of life. How people think this is a good idea is beyond me.

    Although most people really are dummys. You agree? You loser.
    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    This is bad how ?

    Where do you think most of our oil comes from (the light sweet crude at least)?

    Do you think oil is available in unlimited quantities ?

    Do you believe in science ?

    Thank you

  5. Fred2

    “This is bad how ? ” Are you serious?

    Tell you what: you and your friends can have an all electric army unit, me and my buddies will will get the normal stuff. By the way, to make things fair we both started with the same sized pot of money.

    We’ll have more stuff, more range, and basically my little army will stomp yours to paste. Next question?

  6. AJ

    “Tis important to keep a low carbon fooprint while we blow the shit out of third world peoples and litter their land with depleted uranium. No more running around in the desert in half-tracks loaded up with jerry cans: that’s old school. Let’s get to work on building recharging stations, especially behind enemy lines.

  7. Anonymous

    Today’s greens are like the 1930s pacifist movement which argued against fighting Hitler. They are ignorant and given too much authority they are dangerous.

    I’m with Fred2, give me the JP5; the dumbtards can power their force with the green nonsense.

  8. Anonymous

    Janet Lezbullitano’s entire DHS fleet including MRAPs has to use alternative fuels? There aren’t enough fast food fryolators, and algae farms to make biodiesel. Battery power MRAPs will have a range of about 50 miles. Big Sis’ has 2500+ of these vehicles for domestic use, with more on order – they are designed for front line combat engineer units.

    Maybe there is a silver lining to the Executive Order.

  9. hmmm

    not to worry landslide is on its way