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Schmuck can’t buy girlfriend

Loaded but still a load, Larry Greenfield, Long Island (where else?)

Proving that success in playing with other people’s money does not provide a personality (or good looks), trader Larry Greenfield complains that matchmakers can’t find him a girl. You’d think this was a story from the Onion but it was the New York Post who dug up this pathetic loser. His mother must be proud.


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P&Z continues to thwart waterfront development on River Road

Richard Kral has done far more to rejuvenate Cos Cob harbor’s business area than anyone else in town. In fact, so far as I can tell, he’s the only one who’s done anything at all down there, so the P&Z’s harassment of the man over the past decade perplexes me. We say we want waterfront-related businesses, so fine: that’s what Kral’s done, with his rowing club facilities, his marina, etc., but apparently our P&Z thinks he should do this for love, and seems appalled that the man actually intends to make a profit from his business activities. Perish the thought.

What on earth is wrong, for instance, with a restaurant on the water? P&Z says it’s not “waterfront related” – if it subsidizes other, otherwise-unaffordable uses, big deal. I’d think that Greenwich residents would use and enjoy a restaurant on the water and most, like me, would consider it a water-related use. That’s just one of the many obstacles our zoning board has thrown in Kral’s path. I don’t know the man, never met him, but I’ve watched his travails through the years as he slowly fights his way through the byzantine thicket of off-the-cuff P&Z regulations and decisions and wondered why our non-elected officials are doing this.


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What would we do for amusement without Democrats?

If I’d had my teleprompter, I could have been a contender!

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper (really- that’s his name) defends Obama’s dismal performance by claiming “Lincoln wasn’t a great debater either.”

Sadly for our country, Hickenlooper is not the only American who’s never heard or read about the Lincoln – Douglass debates – I recently had a lengthy discussion with a brilliant young man whose brain is being turned to a liberal mush by his 1oth grade teachers, concerning the role slavery played i n our Civil War. The young man (the young man’s teacher, actually) insisted that the slavery issue was cooked up by pseudo-patriots to glorify evil America decades after the war – and, like Hickenlooper, he’d never heard of the Lincoln Douglas debates and was thus unfamiliar with their substance.

The kid approves of Nicholas Kristoff, too, but that’s really a matter for his parents, not me.

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Yes, the GAR staff is off today drinking grappa, but there’s this:

Brian Skinner sends along this “sign of the times”, as he puts it.

I’d call it a “hazard sigh”


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$15 million given to Stamford, Bridgeport to “study” high-speed ferry service to NYC, without result


You ain’t going nowhere

Not only is there no ferry after two decades, there’s been no study. One of our casino pretend tribes actually built a couple of neat catamaran ferries back in the 90’s and proposed establishing service to Manhattan – something like a thirty-minute trip, if memory serves. The plan went for naught when New York refused docking rights, and the boats were put to other use. Maybe it was that experience that convinced then Mayor Malloy to pocket the federal funds rather than actually conduct a study.


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It’s Columbus Day and everywhere there is a wailing and gnashing of teeth

What we did while waiting for Columbus

Certainly our children’s teachers are ready, with canned instruction units to demonstrate to their charges the evilness of the man himself and western civilization.

The Two Sides of Columbus

If you have the responsibility of teaching about Columbus, you need to be aware there’s more to the story than three ships and 1492. If your picture of Columbus is still the noble explorer, nothing will take the wind out of your sails like the article from Reuters describing the mock trial by Honduran Indians, charging Columbus with genocide and robbery. Columbus’ infamous “discovery” is considered by many Indians throughout the Americas as the start of five centuries of oppression. This topic will garner more attention as time goes on, as evidenced by our own search of Alta Vista. Our results of “Columbus and Indians and Oppression” yielded 503 matches.

Too old for school but already been brainwashed? Then here’s your opportunity to petition Congress for the cancellation of Columbus Day and the institution of a new one, “Explorer’s Day”

Corporate textbooks and children’s biographies of Columbus included none of this [imposing order and discipline on the native loafers – Ed] and were filled with misinformation and distortion. But the deeper problem was the subtext of the Columbus story: It’s OK for big nations to bully small nations, for white people to dominate people of color, to celebrate the colonialists with no attention paid to the perspectives of the colonized, to view history solely from the standpoint of the winners.

Or hell, if you’re too old for school and too cynical to sign a petition, you can just vote for your next school budget and support the NEA whose three million members are working for peace, love and understanding, all on behalf of our kids. Awww,…sweet!

The NEA, the largest teachers union in the world, stands for many of the same values that are part of the UN’s mission of peace. These include equality, economic justice, good health, and preservation of the environment.

“As educators, we have the potential to make this world a better place by teaching the next generation the values of peace, compassion and awareness of interdependence of life,” said Okumura.  “100,000 teachers can reach 15 million future citizens every year with just one lesson plan a year. Over the course of our careers, we can raise and educate hundreds of millions of citizens.”

Scary, huh?


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And don’t tell Mitt about this

90% of Scots sucking on the government teat.

Emigrate? Hell, we’ll recreate modern America right here!

Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader, is to highlight official figures showing that only 283,080 households north of the border – 12 per cent of the total – pay more in tax than they receive in public services.

She will tell delegates that, because the public sector is seen as the key provider of everything from housing to employment, state spending now accounts for more than half Scotland’s wealth.

“The rotten system of patronage, which denies so many people real choices in their lives, has created a corrosive sense of entitlement which suits its political gang masters,” she will say. “Only 12 per cent are responsible for generating Scotland’s wealth. I wonder how many of them work on public sector contracts.”

Miss Davidson supported her claims by publishing figures from the Office for National Statistics, which showed the average Scottish household consumes £14,151 more in public services every year than it pays in tax.

Even the families in the middle income groups consume around £20,000 more in state spending than they contribute.

However, those in the top 10 per cent pay £17,205 more in tax than they receive in public services.

Scotland provided our country with a flood of highly successful people (including my great-grandfather, John Caldwell – guess that line ran out) but, like Greece, it appears that those with get-up-and-go in their blood got-up-an-went 150 years ago. Lucky us, poor ol’ Scotland.


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