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The Whore of Babylon


All bow to your government

D.C. America’s richest city. I believe that was the point of the “progressives” all along.


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Home, home from the range

128 Pokechop

And I had a better day than our real estate market, apparently. A dozen accepted offers were reported but they were all cheap rentals or condos. One “new” listing of note, perhaps, is 128 Porchuck Road, asking $5.5 million. Owners paid $5.2 for it in 2003, tried selling it for $6.9 million in 2010 – silly wabbit – and now it’s here. Assuming a bit of negotiating, you could probably get this at its 2003 price or thereabouts, and that’s about where prices seem to be these days.

There’s a price reduction for 142 Pecksland Road, a teardown (I didn’t say that, its agent did) on four     2  1/2  acres with a pool and tennis court. If either of the latter two items are salvageable, its price $1.695 for four acres, sounds better than what’s available in Riverside.

78 Baldwin Farms South

78 Baldwin Farms South sold for $,240,000, last price asked was $3.295, and first price asked, back in 2011, was $3.895. I liked this house, although at heart it’s still a mid-60’s home with low ceilings and all that. Very nicely renovated, great yard and a good location. Nothing at all wrong with the price paid, so long as you liked the house. My own clients weren’t wild about it, but that’s why not every house is for every buyer.


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Good God

I just made the mistake of dining at a Subway store here on the Merritt, a culinary disaster I’d avoided until now during my stay on this mortal coil. Holy cow, how has this pestilent business stayed around so long and mestastized across the nation?
I ordered what they claimed would be a “steak, egg and cheese on flat bread” and watched in horror as the young lady behind the counter donned protective gloves and assembled two discs of a rubbery yellow substance that might have passed from a chicken but was more likely spawned in a laboratory, a pile of grey shredded risk kill, some artificial stuff masquerading as cheese, slapped it all on a piece of flat bread even a starving Syrian would have left unclaimed and stuck the whole thing in a microwave, thus ensuring that whatever texture that flatbread had was turned to mush.
Surprisingly, the result tasted as bad as it promised to be and it set me back $4.25 (plus a small tip for the poor counter girl to lessen her humiliation at having to serve such an embarrassment for food).
I don’t think I’ll be back here.


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Off to bang guns in Wallingford today

No beach card, no admission!

Blue Trail Range awaits, where I’ll don ear muffs and blast away with my new (to me) 1956 Winchester 94 and, probably, that Ruger Mark III .22. Hey, you’ll thank me when the Sioux show up to reclaim Tod’s Point. More blogging later this afternoon.


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Better I have no cow than my neighbor have two

Adios mi amigos

While Dollar Bill and his fellow Democrat levelers haven’t been reached for comment, this news should cheer them up no end: The foreclosure wave in Spain is no longer (just) on the plain.  The wealthy are now losing their homes, as well as the middle class.

That’ll teach them.


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Maybe when he’s done with his high-speed catamaran ferry service Malloy can lend it to our town

Say farewell to Pemberwick

For a quick getaway when the heavens open. Town to conduct another study of why the Byram River floods. I studied this subject in school and learned that if you choose to live on a flood plain you should expect floods, but perhaps the laws of nature have changed since then. Still, for what it’s worth, I offer the fruits of my study for free.

We’ve already spent $400,000 to study whether a study was needed; now we’r spending $3 million more. We could give each affected citizen a pair of Muck boots and a rubber raft and effect an economy.


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