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Displaying far more sense than our TSA

Waiting for Baba tickets

Arena operator uses metal detectors to screen audience members at rapper Jay-Z concert but not those for Barbara Streisand.  Well why not? Only our national government is stupid enough to treat 90-year-olds in wheelchairs more harshly than sweaty, bomb-smuggling Arabs. Rap fans? Guns and knives. Streisand fans? Homosexuals are notoriously peaceful, engaging only occasionally in face-slapping  fracases.

I don’t know who runs this arena, but put him in charge of our airports, please.

UPDATE: And at our airports, if you don’t want to undergo scanning, they know what to do with us: TSA employee slaps passenger’s testicles during “pat-down”. We’ve created a goon squad.

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The NEA – Obama’s largest supporter and champion of “the children”

Mongo just pawn in game of life

Story here about some idiot principal, but the significant part is found at the end:

The HS of Graphic Communication Arts was given an “F” grade in 2011, and was initially slated to be overhauled this summer with roughly half its staff members replaced. It would have been closed and reopened last month with a new name.

But the teachers union won a lawsuit prohibiting the city from making the changes at the school and at nearly two dozen others.

Look for, the union label …

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Well good for him

Thos. Peterffy leading his gelding Soros by the nose. Or, “you can lead a horse to water…”

Conyers Farm resident Thomas Peterffy puts up millions to run anti-socialism, anti-Obama (redundant) ads in the battle line states. Peterffy is Hungarian, like George Soros but unlike Soros, saw how communism actually worked in practice and learned therefrom. I’ve never heard of or spoken with  a refugee from the communists who didn’t hate them and treasure the freedom they found in this country except Soros – odd that he is, to quote Tim Robbins, so “obtuse”. Maybe a mole?


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Not saying this was Walt, but I wouldn’t put it past him to have shipped his collection out to California to aid this beleaguered gentleman


Miss ObamaCare is here to help

Man plays loud porn tapes to retaliate against gospel-playing neighbors

A California man seeking vengeance on neighbors who played gospel music too loud gave them a taste of their own medicine by blaring porn.

The man, who didn’t reveal his name, told CBS Sacramento he decided to turn the volume up and watch X-rated flicks on the back deck of his home in Twain Harte, Calif.

“Just to kind of give them a taste of offensive play there, just a little payback,” he said.

The peeved porn-watcher says he’s sick of the nonstop gospel songs that emanate from the next-door home in the small, quiet mountain town.

“One day it went on for 12 hours and my dog was howling and it was bad,” he said.


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Another Realtor hits hard times

Uncle Propane warns, “Kids, don’t try this at home!”

Unkster sends along this link with the notation, “must have run out of food stamps”. Michigan man burns down apartment complex while trying to singe fur off roadkill squirrel.

Michigan – isn’t that about the same as Minnesota,  where Peg’s trying to earn a living?


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Only in Wisconsin is there a minimum age of consent for couches

Not coaches – that’s Pennsylvania. Couches. Cops arrest man for having sex with a couch.


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The perfect car for attempting that old test

Lexus recalls cars after emergency interior trunk release fails. The federal regulation requiring such devices ended the old litmus test for who showed you unconditional love, but now you can do it again:

Lock your dog and your wife in the trunk of a Lexus, return after an hour-and-a-half: the one who loves you will be the one who’s glad to see you.

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Ten years on, homeowners’ association gets some learnin’

Tampa man who had a $2,000 lien slapped on his property for refusing to replace his lawn during drought finally wins his case. After ten years (!) His damages include $200,000 in legal fees and the $100,000 drop in value of his house when the lien caused a sale to fall through in pre-crash 2006. Ha.

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When a house slave escapes, the Democrats go wild

The Liberal View: (Conservative) Negro women advance only by becoming sex mistresses of their owners

Democrats love Negroes, Nancy Boys and women in general just so long as they stay on the Liberal Plantation. If one of the objects of Democrats’ compassion runs away, however, those same call out the dogs and sic ’em on the poor stray, hurling every racial, homophobic, sexist epithet lurking in their caveman brains in order to bring them back to the cotton fields. Ask Clarence Thomas, ask Condoleeza Rice and now you can ask Republican Congressional candidate Martha McSally, who is the target of a Democrat attack ad suggesting that she stay in the kitchen, where she belongs.

Notice how it is always, and only Democrats who use these tactics: Dollar Bill and his friends insisting on calling Tea Party members “Teabaggers”, other “progressives” who label Clarence Thomas a “house nigger” an “Oreo” an Uncle Tom, and worse, Condaleeza Rice who they claim was appointed Secretary of State for giving her boss, that Ol’ Debbil Bush, a rousing blow job in the Oval  Office and on and on and on.

The cowards in Nancy Pelosi’s office should hope that McMally shows the same restraint Thomas and Rice have because while Pelosi assumes the wayward woman was home baking cookies with Hillary she was in fact piloting an A-10 Warthog in combat, blowing away Taliban bad guys and dodging bullets and might just do a fly-over near Capitol Hill. Since McMally doesn’t fit into the Democrat’s stereotype of woman, it never occurred to them that a campaign denigrating women might not fit. Of course they don’t care about accuracy, just appealing to the sexist males among their base. Nice folks. And certainly progressive.


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