When a house slave escapes, the Democrats go wild

The Liberal View: (Conservative) Negro women advance only by becoming sex mistresses of their owners

Democrats love Negroes, Nancy Boys and women in general just so long as they stay on the Liberal Plantation. If one of the objects of Democrats’ compassion runs away, however, those same call out the dogs and sic ’em on the poor stray, hurling every racial, homophobic, sexist epithet lurking in their caveman brains in order to bring them back to the cotton fields. Ask Clarence Thomas, ask Condoleeza Rice and now you can ask Republican Congressional candidate Martha McSally, who is the target of a Democrat attack ad suggesting that she stay in the kitchen, where she belongs.

Notice how it is always, and only Democrats who use these tactics: Dollar Bill and his friends insisting on calling Tea Party members “Teabaggers”, other “progressives” who label Clarence Thomas a “house nigger” an “Oreo” an Uncle Tom, and worse, Condaleeza Rice who they claim was appointed Secretary of State for giving her boss, that Ol’ Debbil Bush, a rousing blow job in the Oval  Office and on and on and on.

The cowards in Nancy Pelosi’s office should hope that McMally shows the same restraint Thomas and Rice have because while Pelosi assumes the wayward woman was home baking cookies with Hillary she was in fact piloting an A-10 Warthog in combat, blowing away Taliban bad guys and dodging bullets and might just do a fly-over near Capitol Hill. Since McMally doesn’t fit into the Democrat’s stereotype of woman, it never occurred to them that a campaign denigrating women might not fit. Of course they don’t care about accuracy, just appealing to the sexist males among their base. Nice folks. And certainly progressive.


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5 responses to “When a house slave escapes, the Democrats go wild

  1. hmmm

    yes it’s unfortunate and also for some strange reason women rally around liberal women politicians…it’s probably because the women on the plantation are jealous of the truly independent successful women that don’t fall in line that’s my guess I am probably wrong though.

    also, don’t these bitter women that are on the plantation have sons? do they see the double standard imposed on them?

    hmmm indeed!

  2. Peg

    I find that much of it is always a function of a candidate’s views on “lady parts” legislation. On my Facebook page, when I mentioned I was supportive of Romney/Ryan, one “friend” said, “Peggy; have you forgotten you are a woman!?!?”

    OHMYGOD – did I forget?!?!!

    No. I just told her that I did not think abortion was going to become illegal under R/R – and that little things like the economy, the size of government, everyone’s civil rights, national defense, etc., mattered to me, too. As a woman…… 🙂

  3. CatoRenasci

    I have a disturbing thought: perhaps many women stick with the Democratic Party for the same deep-seated psychological reasons so many women stick with abusive men who beat and denigrate them. The Democrats have apparently taken to hear the old woman’s “little truth” in Nietzsche’s Also Sprach Zarathustra: Du gehst zu Frauen? Vergiβ die Peitsche nicht! (You’re going to women? Do not forget the whip!)

  4. GeorgeCrosley

    Two zees in Condoleezza.

  5. Anonymous

    Makes me sick what they have said about this women and others.