It wasn’t him

Mr. Gus Bertolf has called to complain about a previous post, since removed in the interest of fairness, that identified him as the lobsterman who rammed a DEP enforcement boat in the waters off Stamford in the mid-90’s and had his boat confiscated as a reward for his efforts. That was someone else, Bertolf tells me and I’m glad to correct the record.

It’s still  a great story, regardless of who was at the helm, but I regret dragging Mr. Bertolf into its cast of characters. Most people would be proud to have taken part in such a historic act of nautical rebellion but if Bertolf doesn’t want the screen credit I’ll reserve it, and wait for the real player to speak up.


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2 responses to “It wasn’t him

  1. Michael Metter of the $SPNG penny stock fraud was getting a 6-figure salary from his WGCH job since his arrest in 2010. It took the SEC two years but they finally got him out as CEO of the radio stations and he lost his only income.

    CF’s partner Frank should bid a few dollars for the Greenwich Station. The SEC is still forcing them to sell it and the other station assets, that I reported on today, sold for only $100k

  2. anonymous

    It wasn’t him? It wasn’t he.