Of course they have a religion: it’s called Global Warming

And God so loved the earth, that he gave his only begotten Son, …

And Liberalism in general. Poll: Democrat “progressives” have no religion.


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4 responses to “Of course they have a religion: it’s called Global Warming

  1. Baptisim in snake oil while the incense of Connecticut grown nutmeg fills the air.
    Greenwich is the new Mecca.

  2. Green Mtn Punter

    Edmund Burke was right about these fanatical dreamers in 1789, long before the Terror, and his insights are timeless. These Revolutionaries, Progressives, now cloaked in the veil of “Environmental Saviours”, are dangerous and must be kept away from the centers of power as their goal is to destroy society and create their idea of “Heaven On Earth” which, of course, is really “Hell On Earth”. Hayek’s Road To Serfdom was also on to these “central planners”.

  3. The answer TOO MANY TREES !!!!!
    North of the 45th parallel in Northern Hemisphere that trap water, cause local warming near Artic add in trapped water at Antarctic only so much free non salt water duhhh droughts… then massive forest fires that convert heat absobing in Winter to heat reflecting massive snowfields thus rapid cooling …it has happened 17 recorded times including last one in 17th century…..first one around 40 million years ago…. ask any Dinosaur if it is my SUV’s fault……actual scientists figured this out over 150 years ago without Federal Grants……
    Gore is just another Harvidiot…….made rich by fear sales…..