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Dance of the Black Plague

Poll: Homeowners, realtors expect prices to rise.

After years of pessimism over the direction of home prices, real estate sales folks are finally once again seeing the sunny side of things.

In fact, the numbers are pretty amazing – 80 percent of real estate folks and 62 percent of homeowners see prices going up over the next two years. By contrast, just 5 percent of agents and 14 percent of homeowners polled see home values going down between now and 2014.

Dope smoking fools. And when the fools are rushing to get in, it’s a good time to exit.


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4 responses to “Sell now

  1. FlyAngler

    Zillow sent me a new Zestimate update last night that nearly knocked me over. Said my house (you know CF) was up 9.2% last month which was up 13% from the month earlier. Either Zillow found some new comps in my price range (unlikely given the paucity of sales in such range) or Zillow has tweaked its algo again.

    FWIW, since the Spring, the Zillowestimate has increased just over 30% in total off its low in March.

    I know, Zillow estimates are bullscat but thought I would mention it as a source of new found confidence in the market.

  2. Al Dente

    My house is made of dope, so I’m covered.

  3. AndyD

    What did this survey say in 2006? it never changes, real estate agents ALWAYS think prices are going up. those stats never, ever change.

    In other important news: water is wet and the sun will rise tomorrow in the east.