This time it may stick

17 Sherwood Avenue, bank-owned and asking $1.899, reports another accepted offer. It seemed to have found a buyer last month but that deal fell through. Same buyer coming back or someone new, I don’t know. I really like this house and think it’s a bargain, regardless of the height of its front room (it’s an old house, for crissake) and problems with its well – it needs one. The previous owners paid $3.150 million for it in 2007 and did a good job of renovations before losing it to their lender. The land alone ought to be worth at least, I don’t know, $1.1? $1.3? So a house, with pool, with studio apartment and a free standing garage  for a little bit more than that would work for me. Your opinion may differ.

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  1. Anonymous

    It had already been renovated- the new owners did nothing but grossly over pay for the house which they obviously could not afford- I do not feel sorry for them!