Attention homeowners: the fall market has been cancelled due to lack of interest

Only eleven (!) homes on the broker open house tour today; all are repeats except for a land sale on Winthrop in Riverside, which I won’t go see because (a) open houses on that side of town are supposed to be held on Thursday and it’s a bad thing to encourage agents to flout this schedule and (b) who needs to see the inside of a house being sold for land anyway?

Still, it’s pretty unusual for there to be essentially no open houses to view when it’s only mid-October. Our fall market never really commenced and what faint stirrings of life it may have shown ended the week after Labor Day. Time to lock in those oil rates, homeowners, because you’ll be buying it all winter.

UPDATE: Another agent writes to inform me that Wilson Alling’s memorial service was held this morning and so many agents didn’t schedule open houses. I didn’t mention Wilson’s death last week because I thought it would be presumptuous of me – I knew him as a very nice, really good agent, but we had no close personal relationship and didn’t want to give the impression that I did. But there were many in town who did know him very well, and their praise was universal.

179 Connecticut Ave. (representative photo)

There is one modest home reported as having an accepted offer, 179 Connecticut Avenue, asking $1.050. Price history on this is  $780,000, ’03, $1,037,500 ’06 and now $1,050,000 (after improvements in 2012). I like Connecticut Avenue’s location but the houses on this, the east side of the street, overlook the chicken coops and outhouses below them and that, to my mind, detracts from their value.

There’s a buyer for everything, however, and this sale proves it.


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2 responses to “Attention homeowners: the fall market has been cancelled due to lack of interest

  1. Anonymous

    Many agents were attending the memorial service for Wilson Alling and did not schedule open houses for today

  2. Anonymous

    179 Connecticut ave- you requested to see it but it was already under contract. So youve never actually been to my house. You’re funny. Please come over and point out where you can see chicken coops and outhouses from this property. Fact checking is always an excellent idea.