Aw, this is sad news: George McGovern, 90, is in a hospice


They put the wrong guy into the looney bin, but what the heck

Even those who disagreed with his politics liked the man himself. I’ve always been grateful to him because when he ran for president in 1972 I, at the callow age of 18, realized that if the man was supposed to represent everything I believed in, I had to rethink my beliefs – the man’s policies were just crazy. That’s when I found libertarianism.

Wonderful story of his trying to run a bed and breakfast in Stratford and being driven out of business by our state’s and the federal government’s regulations. He had one of those “if I’d known then what I know now” moments and became a champion of fewer, if not no, regulations on people and businesses.  He had a good long life, served his country during the war and was still capable of learning in his advanced years. Pretty cool guy.


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5 responses to “Aw, this is sad news: George McGovern, 90, is in a hospice

  1. Atticus

    I wonder if he voted early and if he were to expire before election day whether his vote would be counted – along with others in that situation.

    Voting should occur on election day except for those in extreme circumstances. The crazy rules the Dems enacted are designed to make fraud easier for them.

  2. Hu Nhu?

    “Come home, America”

  3. Am I reading this right? So it was OK to vote for Tricky Dick? A disaster, anti-black, anti-Semite, anti-people person. I thought people looked back with shame after the ’72 election and the fall of Saigon. This revisionist history is maddening…

  4. I read the article…did not single you out CF. But my points still stand, IMO.