In Shorelands: Buy this house, now.

11 Grimes Rd

11 Grimes Road has reduced its price again and is now asking $2.495 million for five bedrooms, newish (2003) construction and a stroll down the lane to the Shorelands beach and docks. They sellers paid $2.775 for it in 2005 so the hit’s been taken and this place is now, in my opinion, below current market value. I’ve got clients above and below this price range but I’m still going to send it to each category because maybe someone wants to save money, or spend more to get into Shorelands. You don’t know if you don’t ask.


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3 responses to “In Shorelands: Buy this house, now.

  1. D

    Does the backyard really back directly to the tidal flats? Listings pictures make it seem like it, but looking at the satellite it doesn’t look possible…