This could be really nice land

201 Clapboard Ridge, 5.3 acres in the 2-acre zone and just off Round Hill Road, is new to the market and asking $3.295. It’s a back lot and some of that acreage is devoted to an access strip but there’s a lot of usable land here and this price seems to be in line with recent land sales in the neighborhood. The open house is next week, and I look forward to checking it out.


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6 responses to “This could be really nice land

  1. ripoff in the making?

    sounds like the old todd kennedy nursery place-that guy was always overpriced. no bargain here i bet

    • It is indeed the Todd Kennedy place and while you may have thought he was overpriced, he stayed in business for decades and made a nice living, ending up with large parcels of land throughout the town. I also like the guy, although I obviously have no stake in this property listing. But back to the relevant, I think, depending on what this piece actually looks like, that it’s fairly priced. I’ve sold a number of 2 acre lots up here in the approx. $2.5 acre range so, back lot or not, $3.2ish for 5 acres sounds about right.

  2. Anonymous

    how much of the 5 is wet?

  3. It is a great site…I know it well, Wellington Kennedy was the originator of the nursery there in the 1930’s. He was one of the best persons I ever met. Happy to help …..His site mangment/setup skills were amazing…..

  4. bentson says

    he was no jack kennedy

  5. love thy neighbor

    neighboring propery owners potential buyer, look em up, blumenthal just down street, call your friend