Time to lowball that weekend house of his on Pecksland?

144 Pecksland Rd (representative photo)

Vikram Pandit out at Citi. Don’t know what his plans are – he hasn’t called – but unlike its owner, his place at 144 Pecksland Road doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and maybe the timing’s right for him to unload it: fresh start and all that.

He paid $4.1 million in 2001 and after a bit of a false start, he’s now marked it down to $3.995. I’d toss $3.3, $3.4 at it and see what response you get. Probably nothing, but bids are free.


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4 responses to “Time to lowball that weekend house of his on Pecksland?

  1. Georgie

    Says something about Greenwich real estate when you have to indicate (the obvious) that a photo of the Taj Mahal is only a representative photo….:-)

  2. Look at the competition

    Tax card says citigroup & vikram own property.
    Making an offer to those ‘owners’ would be like working out a foreclosure.
    That is a great area, I’ d try 2.6 for lot value — you could get 109 or 150 for $4m.

  3. Why hasn’t this house sold? Seems pretty nice to me, other than some simple redecorating and perhaps a newer kitchen. Location is good. Looks well maintained. $3.9 doesn’t seem way out of the realm of possibility. Have there been alot of bids thrown its way that are dismissed or is it that there are better options at this price point?

  4. Must be missing something...

    Better options at this price point.