You can level down, but not up, a lesson “progressives” can’t learn.

Fresh from raising the capital gains tax to 75%, France now wants to ban homework. Not because homework is an ineffective pedagogical tool but because “some homes are unconducive for studying” and those that are give some children an unfair advantage over their peers. As one commenter describes it, it’s a “no child gets ahead program”.

This grand idea hasn’t hit Connecticut yet (although I’m sure Malloy’s teacher union would delight in  bringing all “learning” in-house), but eventually our own levelers will recognize that no matter how much of Fairfield County’s money is shifted to Hartford, a child of a sixteen-year-old illiterate crack mom will never achieve at the level of a student who goes home to a family that values education. Then what happens?


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4 responses to “You can level down, but not up, a lesson “progressives” can’t learn.

  1. Anonymous

    Gallic Christian France is dead.
    They’re bankrupt.
    They don’t reproduce.
    They can’t compete in a global market.

    Barring a radical change France will have dissolution, then either war or Sharia.

  2. Georgie

    Glad to see the “dumbing down” of education isn’t only in the U.S.

    It will be interesting to see those “exam school” Chinese, Indians, Singapore, etc eat our lunch as we sing kumba ya to have children “feel good.”

  3. AJ

    Then what happens? They put a punitive global tax (spelled f-i-n-e by the Supreme Court) on any grade above a “C” with triple damages — what damages to whom? Why, to the self-esteem of those who don’t excel, of course — to be levied on anyone selfish and greedy enough to sleeze his or her way to an “A”.