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They did the best they could



Final out in Motor City

It’s just that their best was pathetically bad. Yankees swept, 8-1. The Yankees lose. Thuuuuuuh Yankees lose! Ha. That takes care of the baseball season, it’s on to women’s volleyball.


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But we know to a tenth of a degree what the global temperature will be in 2025


Coming to Al Gore’s mansion soon – or not

NOAA: might be a snowy, cold winter, might not – we can’t tell.

“In a press call, Halpert repeatedly stressed the difficulty in developing this year’s outlook, both due to the elusive El Nino, and broader challenges in seasonal forecasting.

“The science behind seasonal prediction is in its infancy,” Halpert said, noting such outlooks are about 20-30 percent better than a random guess, and even less than that when the El Nino signal (or conversely, its opposite phase, La Nina) is weak.”

For this we’re going to shut down the world’s economy? I keep saying, global warming is about people control, not saving the planet.



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Commie rats

One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them

Speaking for his fellow looters of the Greenwich Democrat Party, Fudrucker expresses shock and dismay that Republican Scott Frantz would support equal opportunity instead of Governor Malloy’s vision of forcible income confiscation and redistribution to friends of the ruling class.

Here’s what Malloy said:

“Let no one doubt who we are and what we are and what we believe in — the fair and equitable distribution of opportunities and the fair and equitable distribution of success,” Malloy said.

Malloy doesn’t define the terms “fair” and “equitable” because it would give the game away, but he does claim the right on the part of the Democrat party to determine every citizen’s fair share share of someone else’s success. In response, Frantz expressed another vision of a just society and Fudrucker, after consulting with Dollar Bill and Cole Stangler (thought I’d forgotten about my favorite Brunswick grad, did you? Ha!) rushed to denounce him:

“I think his comments are un-American, and I think his approach disqualifies him from representing his district,” said Democratic Town Committee Chairman Frank Farricker.

That a belief in a free economic system disqualifies one from participating in the new society planned for us by the Democrats is disheartening, even frightening, but  Frankie and his gang do us all a service by reminding us that this election really is all about defining America: do we want to live as a society of looters, each of us pleading for a piece of another’s labor, begging political gangs for crumbs, or do we want a society of free men? Frantz’s goal may strike Democrats as an un-American one, but it’s they who have perverted the American dream, not he.


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You want my wife to fall on her sword for your incompetence, eh? Here you go, try this one on for size:

Former President Clinton: Romney’s right. Next thing you know, Joe Biden’s going to admit that his boss has buried the middle class the past four years. By November 6, the Messiah will have only Michelle and the kids in his camp and I understand that even they’re making other plans. He’ll always have Bo, though, if he can avoid temptation in the kitchen.


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Sale price, price reduction

58 Washington

58 Washington Avenue (that little street that runs from the Post Road south, between the YMCA and Whole Foods) has sold for $935,000. I’m a little surprised at this price because when I saw it, it was in pretty rough shape. The owners paid $1.0295 for it in 2007 (it last sold before that in 2003 for $735,000) after some renovations were claimed to have been made but whatever those improvements were, they’d faded by the time this came back on the market. A local bank – Patriot, of course – loaned $971,250 on the property to finance its purchase in 2007 so I suppose that explains the asking, if not the selling price.

6 Benjamin Street

In Old Greenwich, 6 Benjamin Street‘s price has been reduced (not “slashed”; “reduced”) to $2.050 million from $2.195. It too sold in 2007, for $2 million even. It’s a pleasant house, Benjamin’s not a bad street, but I don’t think we’re back to 2007 levels yet, even in Old Greenwich. This is just one listing down there that demonstrates that.


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Senility and weed: a deadly combination for movie making


Depends spokesman Edward Asner

Hollywood lefties including Ed Asner and Wille Nelson to make “Truther” film about the government’s conspiracy to blow up the Trade Center towers. Obama’s top advisor is one of these truthers too, which might, or might not give you pause. As one commenter points out, these are awfully trusting souls to think that the same government that will wipe out 3,000 citizens in a single morning would let a handful of actors reveal the truth. Of course, they’re from Hollywood – no one would want to harm a Hollywood star, would they?


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Accepted offers reported

Con Ed switching plant?

10 Hurlinghman Drive up in Conyers Farm, asking $5.250 for 13 acres and a home built like a brick s-house, has a buyer. Yes, much of that acreage is down a steep hill and mostly swamp and the house is a little dated, even though it was built in 1990, but gee, $5 million for Conyers Farm? Seems cheap. I notice that the estate took out a $3.5 million loan last April, presumably to help out with the estate tax folk, so it’s understandable that the heirs might want to get what they can now, rather than wait.

38 Meadowbank in Old Greenwich, on the other hand, offers far less house and land but is in another, more popular part of town and it’s found a buyer at $3.3 million (ask).


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There is a God and His wrathful judgment is awesome


Payback’s a bitch, dudette

Man wins $30 million lottery jackpot two weeks after girlfriend dumps him. He’s just 22 – she could have been set for life, poor dear. Heh heh heh


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Open House Tour report

Meh – one good one, but I’m going to show it to a client tomorrow (she doesn’t know that yet, so don’t tell her) and I don’t need the competition in case she likes it. If she doesn’t, then I’ll write about it next week. Some of the others, which will remain anonymous until they’ve mellowed on the market for six months and their brokers can’t accuse me of killing their sale value, astonish me only in so much as, four years into a housing recession, agents and owners are still setting prices 25%-50% higher than they’ll ever possibly fetch. We’re not talking, “gee that’s a little aggressive, fella”;  we’re in the “are you out of your friggin’ mind?!” sphere. Curious.

15 Winding Lane

On a brighter note, 15 Winding Lane, asking $5 million after beginning at $5.5 million last February, has an accepted offer. I liked this 1939 (renovated) house and given its location and charm and assuming there was some negotiating involved before its final price was agreed to, it’s probably going to come down to a pretty reasonable place. I have my opinion on what that price should be but I wouldn’t want to risk upsetting someone else’s deal by coming in higher or lower than what’s been agreed to. Besides, my guess would be just that: uninformed. That doesn’t usually stop me, of course, but I’m working on being a better man.


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Just in time for Christmas

 Cabela’s : Glocks and AR-15s on sale!


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But our intentions are good!


Clear the streets, Comrade, Uncle Joe’s back in town

Welfare spending last year hit $1 trillion, a 32% increase during the 3+ years of the Great One’s rule, Food Stamp spending increased 71% during that same tenure. We now spend 378% more on welfare than we did in 1982, and that’s in inflation-adjusted dollars. While it might seem to an objective observer that the plight of the poor has not improved over that period, regressives are undaunted: “we’ll just take more from the producers and pass it out to our friends and deserving moochers and eventually, the poor will no longer be among us”.

Or everyone, producers and the non-productive alike, will be reduced to penury. The apparatchiks, however, will still have their limos.


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Who knew it was still in business?

Newsweek closing up shop. It was always a wannabe Time, and neither magazine has been relevant for forty years, so good riddance.


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