Accepted offers reported

Con Ed switching plant?

10 Hurlinghman Drive up in Conyers Farm, asking $5.250 for 13 acres and a home built like a brick s-house, has a buyer. Yes, much of that acreage is down a steep hill and mostly swamp and the house is a little dated, even though it was built in 1990, but gee, $5 million for Conyers Farm? Seems cheap. I notice that the estate took out a $3.5 million loan last April, presumably to help out with the estate tax folk, so it’s understandable that the heirs might want to get what they can now, rather than wait.

38 Meadowbank in Old Greenwich, on the other hand, offers far less house and land but is in another, more popular part of town and it’s found a buyer at $3.3 million (ask).


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6 responses to “Accepted offers reported

  1. Fred2

    The hard-scaping out side looks excessive to my taste, but Chris I think you are being a little too harsh with the con ed quip. That’s a nice, clean, brick neo-Georgian house with proportions that are correct, so long as what you want is a big house.

    Were all houses & switching plants that nice!

    • There’s a nice one in Old Greenwich next to the barbers, and another one in central Greenwich on Sherwood where Outdoor Traders used to be, if you want more such architecture to admire.
      Though you’re right, it’s not really a bad design at all – certainly better than some more unfortunate examples of the building trade that have been erected up there. My guess, though, is that matters of taste here are academic and its bricks will soon be returned to the clay pit from which they came.

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe if they re-did the front landscaping to have a driveway and some lawn it would look much less harsh, right now it reminds me of some kind of expensive residential facility.

  3. Georgie

    That is the ugliest house—both exterior and interior. Geez, its beyond words the lack of taste and grace.

    I can’t wait until reassessments of property….generally it seems backcountry estates are fairing worse in holding their value…which means they will see their taxes lower while middle/higher income homes (Old Greenwich, Riverside….Cos Cob) will get socked.

  4. Anonymous

    The Estate at Trembling Hills.