But our intentions are good!


Clear the streets, Comrade, Uncle Joe’s back in town

Welfare spending last year hit $1 trillion, a 32% increase during the 3+ years of the Great One’s rule, Food Stamp spending increased 71% during that same tenure. We now spend 378% more on welfare than we did in 1982, and that’s in inflation-adjusted dollars. While it might seem to an objective observer that the plight of the poor has not improved over that period, regressives are undaunted: “we’ll just take more from the producers and pass it out to our friends and deserving moochers and eventually, the poor will no longer be among us”.

Or everyone, producers and the non-productive alike, will be reduced to penury. The apparatchiks, however, will still have their limos.


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5 responses to “But our intentions are good!

  1. Balzac

    Yes, welfare and other redistribution programs are by far the largest part of the budget. Obama and other libs say that massively higher taxes are needed to fund needs such as education and training, basic research, and infrastructure repair. This is a fib. Those activities take a tiny part of federal revenues, but they sound popular.

    Redistribution is where the money really goes. The justifications offered by the libs for higher taxes are not the real ones.

  2. Anonymous

    Addenda to the poster linked by The New Normal.


  3. Anonymous

    Buying votes through gov’t handouts. Similar to unions – buying votes through overly generous compensation and benefits.