But we know to a tenth of a degree what the global temperature will be in 2025


Coming to Al Gore’s mansion soon – or not

NOAA: might be a snowy, cold winter, might not – we can’t tell.

“In a press call, Halpert repeatedly stressed the difficulty in developing this year’s outlook, both due to the elusive El Nino, and broader challenges in seasonal forecasting.

“The science behind seasonal prediction is in its infancy,” Halpert said, noting such outlooks are about 20-30 percent better than a random guess, and even less than that when the El Nino signal (or conversely, its opposite phase, La Nina) is weak.”

For this we’re going to shut down the world’s economy? I keep saying, global warming is about people control, not saving the planet.



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3 responses to “But we know to a tenth of a degree what the global temperature will be in 2025

  1. Peg

    Global warming is all about schmucks like AlGore getting wealthy off all the schnooks who truly believe The End of the Earth is Nigh – unless we bankrupt ourselves and enrich the wealth of people like Al.

  2. Hippy Dippy

    I predict this evening it will become gradually dark, followed by total darkness. Then tomorrow in the morning, gradual lightness. I have not been wrong yet!

  3. Fred2

    Yeah, the EAST coast with 3000 miles of warning ( westerly winds, generally) and weather stations has trouble predicting weather a more than a couple of days away.

    And yet “Climate models” which have HUGE uncertainties , and which do not even pretend to model anything near as detailed as actual weather results, and which can’t model the known past …can model something 10+ years into the future that we should all FEAR so greatly that we turn our lives up-side down.

    Errr. In colorful engineering terms this is known as mathematical masturbation. Fun, but doesn’t accomplish anything.