Commie rats

One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them

Speaking for his fellow looters of the Greenwich Democrat Party, Fudrucker expresses shock and dismay that Republican Scott Frantz would support equal opportunity instead of Governor Malloy’s vision of forcible income confiscation and redistribution to friends of the ruling class.

Here’s what Malloy said:

“Let no one doubt who we are and what we are and what we believe in — the fair and equitable distribution of opportunities and the fair and equitable distribution of success,” Malloy said.

Malloy doesn’t define the terms “fair” and “equitable” because it would give the game away, but he does claim the right on the part of the Democrat party to determine every citizen’s fair share share of someone else’s success. In response, Frantz expressed another vision of a just society and Fudrucker, after consulting with Dollar Bill and Cole Stangler (thought I’d forgotten about my favorite Brunswick grad, did you? Ha!) rushed to denounce him:

“I think his comments are un-American, and I think his approach disqualifies him from representing his district,” said Democratic Town Committee Chairman Frank Farricker.

That a belief in a free economic system disqualifies one from participating in the new society planned for us by the Democrats is disheartening, even frightening, but  Frankie and his gang do us all a service by reminding us that this election really is all about defining America: do we want to live as a society of looters, each of us pleading for a piece of another’s labor, begging political gangs for crumbs, or do we want a society of free men? Frantz’s goal may strike Democrats as an un-American one, but it’s they who have perverted the American dream, not he.


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20 responses to “Commie rats

  1. Westchesterer

    Is theft somehow ok because its endorsed and enforced by the thugerment? Why should working people accept the theft of their income to be distributed to non-working people?

    This country prospered prior to 1913 and the 16th amendment and it would prosper again, unlike it is now, if we get rid of the 16th amendment. You cannot have progress in a society when you steal from working people and give to lazy, stupid people. This creates economic inefficiencies and punishes people for working. The only justified spending of the federal government should be defense.

  2. hmmmm

    The middle class is stupid they think they are being helped by the dems. Do they ever ask themselves if they are any richer either in smarts or dollars?

    They really are stupid

  3. hmmm

    Scott’s opponent was or still is a Greenwich education consultant according to his website. Seems he has been feeding off of the taxpayers as well

  4. hmmm

    I have been telling you it’s going to be a landslide for months….

    As a loyal reader I better get a shout out on November 6th

  5. Westchesterer

    This is taxation:

    Every hour you work being productive, part of that work is given to lazy parasites who live off of your labor and give nothing back to society. Do you really want to work to support some parasite? This inefficiency solely exists because of the government, and without the government, the unproductive parasites would be forced to become productive. When the parasite is forced to become productive, society benefits and so does the parasite.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    hmmmm: I better get a shout out on November 6th

    I’m thinking you don’t know CF too well. While he’s an extremely nice fellow both here and in person, I don’t get the impression that he cottons to petulant demands for attention. Perhaps a rephrasing would help.

  7. lifelong democrat

    These comments are borderline communist….hard work, individual contribution, creativity should be rewarded with higher pay and status why should that need to be shared with someone who ddn’t earn it

  8. Is FF offering to share some of his largesse? Or just that of others…

  9. Anonymous

    Why doesn’t Malloy just come right out and say it in the words of his guru: “Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen!” (“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need!”)?

  10. Peg

    I just worked my rear end off (and had a couple of sleepless nights) trying to keep a $213,000 sale together. (And no, I am NOT missing any zeros, thank you.) If FF needs my address so that he can “fairly and equitably” share some of that Greenwich success with yours truly in the form of a large check, then I’m happy to send it to him!

  11. Balzac

    FD Roosevelt set forth a second bill of rights in January 1944: employment with a living wage, freedom from unfair competition and monopolies, housing, medical care, education and social security. These new “rights” differed from the earlier rights of free speech, free press, the right to property, to a trial by one’s peers and other civil rights from the original Bill of Rights. But whose duty is it to provide the new rights? Government. This gave rise to a new phrase: uncontrollable spending, which now accounts for a majority of spending. “But then one doesn’t ask how much freedom of speech is costing this year, so why worry about Social Security?”

    from I Am the Change: Barack Obama and the Crisis of Liberalism by Charles R. Kesler

  12. hmmm


    it’s just 3 ms: hmmm, the first hmmmm was a typo….

    and i think cf gets me just the way he should and if i don’t get a shout out no big deal but it doesn’t change the fact that it is going to be a landslide

  13. CatoRenasci

    No one – or hardly anyone – would object to the notion of equality of opportunity, which is what the first part of Looter Malloy’s comment seems to be referring to, though the ‘equitable’ has redistributionist implications.

    On the other hand, equality of result is unAmerican and it’s not unreasonable to call those who advocate it unAmerican, regardless of what Bob Horton (who has been tending leftier and leftier in recent years) spews in the Greenwich Slime

    Having just seen Atlas Shrugged II, and having been reminded of the language of the Looters including the Fair Share law, it is remarkable how much Looter Malloy sounds like what I used to think were cardboard strawmen in Rand’s novel.

    We cannot be rid of the Looters like Looter Malloy too soon.

  14. Georgie

    All of FF public comments lately seem so hyper-annoyed and irritated—wtih name calling (his favorite: calling any fiscal conservative Republican a “Tea Party” zealot) and dubious conspiracy theory accusations.

    I am sure its gotta be so hard for Frank that despite living in one of the most Liberal states in the Union—on a day-to-day basis he is surrounded in his own neighborhood by these horrible Tea Party people at the grocery store, the schools, the bank., even gasp (!) his clients purchasing homes.

    BTW, perhaps, FF should branch out and truly listen to his Democrat constituents as I do. I think he would be surprised to learn how more right-leaning they are on fiscal and social issues.

  15. Anonymous2

    I’m fascinated by this thread. Plenty of condemnation of the status quo but little on how to change it, other than “vote out Malloy”.

    Perhaps a good place to start is refusing to continue to comply with the politically correct nostrums of respecting those who are not respectable and tolerating those who are intolerable.

    How many of those posting here have given recently to a “charity” that benefits parasites? If you have you are giving aid and comfort to your enemies.

    Socialism breeds strange behavior. Several decades ago my mother-in-law was told by the police in the paradise where she lived, where food was in short supply, that she would be committing a crime if she tried to sell extra tomatoes from her garden. She could only give them away. She did the rational thing and threw away the extras.

  16. FF

    Hey Georgie – Too many of you are living in an alternate universe, afraid of the Socialist bogeyman, feeling satisfaction about matching eachother phrase for phrase as if you scooped your ideological equals by hearing Megyn Kelly say it first. Bottom line is that your Republican elected officials are substituting dogma and fake facts in the place of true action (this redistributionist fantasy is really a warm blanket to y’all, isn’t it!), and no amount of funny words like looter and Socialist will mask that fact. They – your Republican leaders unbroken except by 3 short terms over the past 40 years- are failing you in Greenwich having run the place into the ground with wildly deteriorating schools, crappy roads, one band-aid on top of another to keep the sewage system from exploding, and as the garbage can’t be held back anymore, out comes the soothing words and blame for those out of power with meanings as hollow as can be. According to Scott Frantz’s private dictionary known only to the dog whistle-hearing among you, “social justice” is Kenyan-Muslim-Socialist code for, frankly, classic communism – or in your minds the dreaded “redistributionism”. As I read in the “American Conservative”, …already in 1946 George Orwell, who was definitely a man of the Left, noticed that after the Second World War “everyone in England is calling what he doesn’t like fascist.”. Well, you don’t like how things are, and you can’t take responsibility for the fact that many of the programs of the Right have been adopted and failed. You don’t like what’s there, so you, and Peg, are calling me names because it feels better than actually taking stock and doing things on a real level.

  17. Change the Town Charter if you want change

    Wow, the Greenwich Dems are taking this righteous anger thing to a new level in the weeks leading up to the election. I’ve read more from Ed Krumeich, FF and their henchmen like Bob Horton (who has completely abandoned journalism to parrot ‘scoops’ from DTC members) than ever….yawn…. carping from the sidelines is a lifelong pursuit for these guys. OK so the town isn’t perfect – we’re still spending a lot of money and getting not enough in return. On that, I’ll agree with you lefties.
    I have an idea – let’s make both the BET and and the Board of Ed popularly elected (instead of automatically 1/2 Republican and 1/2 Democrat) and see if things get better or worse. Our fixed personnel expenses with benefits are the real meat of the budget that need to be hacked. Find me a democrat who thinks we should cut town employees or scale back their benefits. Find me a democrat who looks at ANY SINGLE capital project and says ‘naah, we can’t afford that one’. Find me a democrat who has more substance and less rhetoric, who is fiscally responsible and shows leadership on more than hot-button topics or chaff like ‘social justice’. Can’t think of one? I thought not.

  18. Chimney

    I used to enjoy reading your buddy, Bob Horton, until seeing the hatchet-job he did on Scott Frantz in today’s Greenwich Time- what a jerk!
    But , then again, what else would you expect from that rag.

  19. Peg

    Calling you names, FF? Mais non! Just trying to get you to send a bit of your redistribution in the name of “equitable distribution of success” westward.

    Really, though – I do not believe in it. I do believe in working toward improving opportunities for those who don’t have them. And that is what I do. I wonder how you have any idea whatsoever of what I do – or do not do – on a “real level.”