Open House Tour report

Meh – one good one, but I’m going to show it to a client tomorrow (she doesn’t know that yet, so don’t tell her) and I don’t need the competition in case she likes it. If she doesn’t, then I’ll write about it next week. Some of the others, which will remain anonymous until they’ve mellowed on the market for six months and their brokers can’t accuse me of killing their sale value, astonish me only in so much as, four years into a housing recession, agents and owners are still setting prices 25%-50% higher than they’ll ever possibly fetch. We’re not talking, “gee that’s a little aggressive, fella”;  we’re in the “are you out of your friggin’ mind?!” sphere. Curious.

15 Winding Lane

On a brighter note, 15 Winding Lane, asking $5 million after beginning at $5.5 million last February, has an accepted offer. I liked this 1939 (renovated) house and given its location and charm and assuming there was some negotiating involved before its final price was agreed to, it’s probably going to come down to a pretty reasonable place. I have my opinion on what that price should be but I wouldn’t want to risk upsetting someone else’s deal by coming in higher or lower than what’s been agreed to. Besides, my guess would be just that: uninformed. That doesn’t usually stop me, of course, but I’m working on being a better man.


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6 responses to “Open House Tour report

  1. Mickster

    as to your last sentence – too late..

  2. callingyouout

    CF, I look to you to poke holes in the collusion / delusion perpetrated by sellers and their ridiculous agents. Now you are wimping out and leaving schmuckos like me to fend for myself. Lame! Time to bail on your blog and find the other honest agent out there. Suggestions?

  3. Just_looking

    We should all work to be a better man.

  4. Walt

    It looks like you have made a few new fans. Good for you!!
    You charmer!
    Your Pal,