Senility and weed: a deadly combination for movie making


Depends spokesman Edward Asner

Hollywood lefties including Ed Asner and Wille Nelson to make “Truther” film about the government’s conspiracy to blow up the Trade Center towers. Obama’s top advisor is one of these truthers too, which might, or might not give you pause. As one commenter points out, these are awfully trusting souls to think that the same government that will wipe out 3,000 citizens in a single morning would let a handful of actors reveal the truth. Of course, they’re from Hollywood – no one would want to harm a Hollywood star, would they?


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4 responses to “Senility and weed: a deadly combination for movie making

  1. Riots in the streets of the Mid-East ?
    This insulting video scoffs at the last war victory of the Mumhd. believers since the withdrawl of Ottoman Army from Vienna on 9/11/1530……..

  2. Balzac

    Ed Asner? He’s so over and doesn’t know it.
    At least when the pretty starlets spout the liberal silliness, they look good……..

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    You know I am not a big conspiracy theorist, although I am a tin foil hat guy. So I do think the crazy camel jockeys flew planes into the twin towers. I don’t think our government had anything to do with it.

    But the Yankees just got swept by the Tigers. New York beaten by Detroit? SWEPT!! UNPOSSIBLE I SAY!!

    Detroit is a frigging armpit. And that is an insult to armpits. Michigan is still a pretty close race in the upcoming elections. Wouldn’t a Tigers win make the populace feel good? YOU BET IT WOULD!! Make them forget they get free cell phones, rent and food?

    Barry put the arm on all of the Yankee players to tank it. How else can you explain what happened?

    And why did you and Oswald kill Kennedy? I still wonder about that.
    Your Pal,

  4. Peg

    And Ed was so wonderful when he helped out MTM in the newsroom. Sigh.

    BTW – Mary’s house was on the market recently. Not my style really – but – in beautiful condition and lovingly renovated.