They did the best they could



Final out in Motor City

It’s just that their best was pathetically bad. Yankees swept, 8-1. The Yankees lose. Thuuuuuuh Yankees lose! Ha. That takes care of the baseball season, it’s on to women’s volleyball.


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3 responses to “They did the best they could

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I already shared my thoughts on the Yankees, so I am done with that.
    But you are spot on about Woman’s volleyball. Talk about great legs and asses you could use to cut diamonds with!! They are some real hotties.
    Plus they are all really athletic and tall. And not lezbos like the women basketball players for some reason. NTTAWWT.
    Anyhows, when I watch the lady volleyballers, which I do a lot, I always fantasize banging them, and because they are such big sexy amazons, they bend me around like Gumby, toss me like a rag doll, and treat me like a little sex puppet.
    What do you think about when you watch them?
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymust

    the next POTUS:

  3. FF

    Chris – Awesome John Sterling imitation/takedown. How do you think he would have called the A-Rod phone number ball toss?