Forget the war on women, Obama’s gearing up for a war on America

The EPA regulations he promised in 2008 are ready to go, he’s just waiting for his reelection to impose them, and won’t they be doozies.

• Greenhouse gas regulations, including the infamous “cow tax.” The EPA will finalize proposed regulations that will virtually eliminate coal use in electricity generation, thus driving consumer electric bills sky-high. This cluster of new regulations will also impose an annual fee on farmers for every ton of greenhouse gases emitted by their animals. The EPA estimates that 37,000 farms and ranches will have to pay on average a $23,000 annual “cow tax.”

• New regulations will so severely reduce permissible ozone emissions that the EPA estimates the cost to the economy will be $90 billion per year. Other studies put the cost as high as $1 trillion. Split the difference between the estimates, and the result still means the loss of millions of jobs.

• New Tier III regulations will cut permissible sulfur emissions by two-thirds. That will add as much as 9 cents to the cost of a gallon of gas, according to Inhofe.

• The EPA’s new coal ash regulation will cost as much as $110 billion over two decades and destroy more than 300,000 jobs, mostly in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Missouri.

UPDATE: Full report here – mail it to your liberal friends.


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13 responses to “Forget the war on women, Obama’s gearing up for a war on America

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    You know what? I have decided there SHOULD be a war on women.

    I am not making this shit up. And it happens to me ALL the time. I go to the grocery store. Two items. So of course I go to the express lane. There are a few people in front on me, and the chick right in front of me is only buying a cup of coffee. So I figure I will BREEZE through, right? NO!!!
    The first lady moves pretty good. The second one asks pricing questions and uses coupons, kind of annoying, but I can deal.
    Now it is coffee girls turn at bat. Coffee is $1.53. And she pays by credit card!! Which is in her purse. Which takes her like 5 minutes to find. Why not have it ready? WHY??

    I wanted to pummel the snot out of her. Women shop ALL THE TIME. And they have no idea how to do it. Can you explain that?

    Anyhows,This is a pretty interesting and frightening read. “55 Facts About The Debt And U.S. Government Finances That Every American Voter Should Know”.
    It is staggering what has happened to our economy in the last 4 years.

    Your Pal,

  2. Balzac

    The war on America will have great damage right here in CT. CT usually has either the most expensive electricity among the states, or third behind Alaska and Hawaii, (which have unique disadvantages). Obama plans to finally eliminate coal, the backbone of US electricity production (32% of generation, down from 48% a few years ago). It’s also the cheapest kilowatts, in many places. The elimination of it will cross off 50,000 coal jobs, but more important, a million manufacturing/service/technology jobs will be lost because electricity is such an important input to many companies that they cannot endure the massive increases in power costs that will result from throwing away the low cost, reliable coal power infrastructure.

    These problems are masked as long as competing natural gas is very cheap. Obama is betting the economy that it will remain so.

  3. I would love to have sources to use with skeptical liberal friends.

  4. AJ

    I think nothing so far has shown the difference beween Obama and Romney better than both men’s presentations at the Al Smith dinner at these links from Drudge. The Romney video shows a warm, intelligent, compassionate man with a great sense of humour while the Obama video shows some guy who thinks he’s a comedian delivering material that he knows full well has gone stale. I think aside from any facts, like your above mentioned which the MSM are doing their best to conceal, the last two weeks have shown that there are a lot more reasons to vote for Romney other than just the main reason, which is reason enough, that he’s not Obama.

    The Romney presentation:

    The Obama presentation:

    The greatest orator since Cicero, or the guy who doesn’t even know how to sit on a bar stool — you decide. I know which guy I’d rather have to listen to for the next four years.

  5. Anonymous

    huh? this is bad how ?

    we are going to have to divorce this idea (remember divorce is something the baby boomer generation excels at) that cheap energy will go on forever.

    make do with less already

  6. D

    Walt – You rule

  7. Dollar Bill

    Heavens to Mergetroid! Next thing you know, they’ll be trying to regulate our food and water, and protect clean air. What sort of beastly socialist would favor that????? In the name of all that is holy, we must re-elect a Homo Congress, so we move back to the day when corporations policed their own behavior. What could possibly go wrong with that?

  8. Anonymous @11:05. You seem to really detest baby boomers. Most of your bitter comments refer to our generation as a gaggle of over consumers who don’t give a flying fig about anything. What’s the deal?

  9. NRA

    …Except that 3DB’s public school education – not really his fault – has denied him awareness that Government, too, is another form of corporation. One, however, that has *no* market or ethical incentive to police it’s own behavior.

    Lets see… Waco.
    Gibson Guitar.
    IG Walpin.
    Fast & Furious.
    Foreign Campaign Money Loophole.
    “Offensive” videos.
    “More flexibility.”

    …and that’s a short list of explicit Governmental phenomena. A fuller list reads like the Oxford Dictionary.

    Shall we analyze the underpinning moral corruption and intellectual poverty that justifies massive, centralized government?

    • NRA, I post 3DB’s rants solely for purposes of amusement. He is incapable of rational argument and thus immune to all attempts to draw him into a reasoned discussion of anything. So don’t bother – I don’t.

  10. DollarBill

    And nothing says “reasoned discussion” like the Fountainheads who purvey their crazed, authoritarian Tea Party delusions on this site (e.g. Social Security is going bankrupt! Global warming is a hoax! Democrats are socialists! Government spending is evil, except for the Pentagon, where money is no object and we must spend more and more!). It must be a strenuous task keeping all that cognitive dissonance boiling in that hermetically sealed echo chamber. Talk about epistemic closure!

    Is it any wonder that the approval rating of the Tea Party-controlled Congress, which is permeated by this kind of crackpot rubbish, is buried in the single digits? Thank God none of these Visigoth control the reins of power in Greenwich. Whoops, actually they do. Wasn’t it our own State Senator Scottie Frantz (R-Cayman Islands) who wrote in the Huffington Post that “Democracy is too expensive,” and suggested we replace it with oligarchy? Why yes, he did! Or Assemblyman Fred Camillo, with his shadowy ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), whose corporatist agenda was so radical that even Wal Mart dropped its membership, not to mention his ties to Grover “starve government in the bathtub” Norquist.

    These elected vandals are the true radicals in our midst. It is their “rational arguments” (in favor of oligarchy) that we need to be most fearful of.

  11. Westchesterer

    Count me in for the war on women. Feminists and environmentalists would rather destroy this country than to give up their beliefs or have a couple of “endangered” spiders die.

  12. Balzac

    $DB: back in 1960, the government kept more closely to the limited functions assigned to it under the Constitution. At that time about 65% of Americans thought the gov’t could be relied upon to do the right thing most of the time.

    Today, the government’s activity on behalf of individuals is much greater. Its ambition and reach is basically unlimited. And only 20% of Americans have confidence in it.

    You and Obama want the government to….. undertake more, borrow more, tax more, regulate more, “help” more…….

    Sorry, but the thinking public is opposed to Obama and the libs on this point.