Spending other people’s money comes easy up in Hartford

Malloy’s fired education chief received much more than just his paltry $340,000 salary.

Robert Kennedy, the higher education chief who resigned Oct. 12 amid an uproar over $250,000 in unauthorized raises given to his subordinates, received at least $100,000 more than his widely reported $340,000 annual salary in 13 months on the job — including $75,000 from a contractual bonus and an unvouchered expense account.

What’s more, the now-departed appointee of Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is still eligible for an additional $20,000 in “deferred compensation” — even after he’s gone.

And although there was criticism over Kennedy’s 8½-week absence from Connecticut during the summer, he’s still expected to be paid more than $4,000 for 26.67 hours of “accrued vacation.”

Hey, it was all for the good of the children, and how can you put a price tag on that?


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2 responses to “Spending other people’s money comes easy up in Hartford

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Yah may want to check your police work there, Lou. FARGO DUDE!!

    I am fairly certain Robert Kennedy was assassinated in 1972, when he was running against Gerald Ford for President. Some two named camel jockey named Bobi Bobi did it. While I think you were also in on it, I am still investigating your role in the JFK coup, so the RFK investigation has to wait. But recheck your facts on this one. OK? I don’t want you looking misinformed.

    Anyhows, your example of government waste, which is probably incorrect based on the facts above, is NOTHING!!!

    Here is a list of Barry’s green energy failures to date:

    This has cost taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars. But that is not the scary part. Obamacare is!!

    Healthcare is about 1/7 of the ENTIRE economy. Which will now be totally controlled by Barry and his team of bureaucrats. That will cost us TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. And ignores the fact that the government will be making decisions regarding your life.

    How does anyone with half a brain think this is a good idea?
    Were you on the knoll or somewhere else?

    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    Who can stop Hartford’s spending?
    Can the political process stop it? No.
    Are the taxpayers who provide the bulk of the revenue empowered to stop it? LOL, seriously?
    Even the seemingly well-intentioned, but fundamentally misguided like Fudrucker or Marzullo, they’re too invested in the system to even want to stop it.
    The Hartford Looters stole the last election, So the Looters now loot with impunity and dictate with impunity.