Goodbye to all that

(The good) DB sends along this last memory of the Lockwood homestead, circa 1545.


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7 responses to “Goodbye to all that

  1. Anonymous

    Chris a post unrelated to above…

    wow, too bad my pocket aren’t deeper , I would have loved to be the buyer of this…

    Little Gull Island auction bids reach $381,000
    The highest bid was up to $381,000 Wednesday morning on the federal government’s auction of one-acre Little Gull Island, just beyond the eastern

  2. D

    What a shame… I thought we thought they were going to keep it?

  3. Anonymous

    Very sad, here’s to the hope that you find the buyer for whatever monster house is going up in its place. 😦

    • It’s being built by an owner. Builder Nick Bareli wrote here that the house was unsalvageable and had nothing original left after all these years. Nick’s a good guy and if says it, I believe it.

  4. A great old building that’s up for sale is the old Larchwood Inn in Wakefield, RI, next to Narragansett. It’s a big, beautiful old house. The main problem is that after the Station Nightclub fire in Warwick, RI, they got tougher with fire-related code issues. If I remember correctly, it would cost too much to widen some of the hallways and install sprinklers to make it profitable to keep running it as an inn. If somebody rich would want to do it anyway to give a relative a fun occupation and way of life a la the old Bob Newhart Show that would be great.

    A better solution would be to remember the lesson learned from the Station fire – Don’t allow anyone to set off fireworks indoors.

  5. Riverside

    What a shame. Growing up in Riverside that was always one of my favorite houses. Time marches on….

    All the more reason to save an historic treasure when the opportunity arises:

  6. Nana

    I was inside the house about 8 yrs. ago. Inhabitable in this century. Ceilings maybe 6-1/2 ft. Oppressive. Good riddance.