The new world order

United Nations to monitor US elections for interference with minority voters’ rights.  Long past time we withdraw from the UN, stop all funding and kick it out of our country. I’d arrest those “observers” on the spot.

Of course, if it’s intimidation of voters by Black Panthers, that’s okay in ObamaLand.


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9 responses to “The new world order

  1. Anonymous

    This video speaks for itself: black thugs intimidating white voters. Eric Holder passed on taking any action about this, but what if it had been white thugs intimidating black voters? Does anyone seriously question whether he would have taken action in that case? No! He would have axted fastly and furiously.

  2. AJ

    You get used to people laughing at you whenever you use those words “New World Order”, but it’s no laughing matter; and if you think it’s funny, then the joke is on you.

  3. Anonymous

    the entirety of the significant increase in violent crime on the Obama/Holder watch has been violent crime directed against non-Hispanic whites and Hispanic whites.

    Barry and Eric sent out the “it’s OK to get whitey signal,” e.g. New Black Panthers, and their constituency responded.

  4. Al Dente

    Those nice young men are just selling cookies to raise money for a trip to Allah World in Orlando. Have you tried their “No White Motherfucker Oreos”? Quite tasty dipped in milk. (Chocolate)

  5. Cobra

    Ocornholio and Stedman…a tag team of duplicitous lacertae.

  6. Anonymous

    These UN people are socialist libs and are prepared to intimidate our election watchers from asking for ID, etc. Similar to ACORN and SEIU thugs.

    How f-ed up has this country become? I can’t wait for Jan 20th

  7. db

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  8. AJ

    They have been patiently putting the pieces of the NWO in place since 1913, and one of the more recent pieces is a new “iron curtain”. This one is similar to the old Soviet iron curtain with one exeption: while it’s getting harder and harder to get out of the country, it’s very porous for unskilled workers who would come in to suck at the government teat, i.e., steal American’s identities, jobs, and run up huge deficits taking medical and welfare benifits that they should not be able to get. On the other hand leaving the country is getting very difficult and with new banking regulations may soon be impossible. Back in the late sixties, hard hats used to parade around with American flags and signs that read “America — Love it or Leave it”. Soon they’ll need to be carrying signs that read: America, I’d love to leave it if only they would let me go.

    Foreign banks are beginning to refuse Americans who want to get a mortgage or open a bank account:

  9. db

    We had an account in a S.A. that was frozen due to a paperwork mess. Part of the issue is the bank being pretty clueless (HSBC) and I’m sure the new requirements on validating where the cash came from etc takes some of the blame.

    Only way for my wife to get the money out is to show up at the bank in the country involved. I’m not sure if you should blame the new regulations or all the people using overseas bank accounts as tax shelters.