Tod’s Point continues to provide a good reason to live in Greenwich

Pretty awesome down at the Point this afternoon: hazy autumn sunshine, a warm breeze and sailboats on the water. To the extent that one can trust weather reports, it looks like there’s more on tap for the next couple of days so all you down-sized investment bankers, don your trainers and go man, go.


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20 responses to “Tod’s Point continues to provide a good reason to live in Greenwich

  1. Sound Beacher

    You also could have gone to the GHS Homecoming Parade which ran down the Post Rd and not The Avenue for the first time. Or you could have gone to see the blow out football game.

    • I have to admit I never attended a high school football game or homecoming even when I was a student there, so I think I’m better off now sticking to more familiar grounds, like the beach.

  2. Anthony Fountain

    I didn’t know you never attended a high school football game or homecoming. Neither did I.

  3. Barack Obama

    Neither did I.

  4. KMA

    You never saw Steve Young play?

  5. Anonymous

    The sight of GHS cheerleaders waving to the crowd on Greenwich Avenue from atop local septic companies’ tanker trucks makes attending the homecoming parade worthwhile. But that’s just me.

  6. Greenwich Gal

    Chris – not attending one of your school’s football games – especially when the football is quality stuff – is pretty lame. Just sayin’.

  7. AJ

    I think I went to all the games, both home and visitors. I especially liked going to games at Staples (twenty-five cents a gallon gas): at the time, Westport had much hotter babes than Greenwich. But those were different times, different culture back before anybody knew what weed was — something that sort of changed the general culture, especially when Guido stopped wanting to fight everybody and preferred getting mellow instead. Plenty of drinking going on though.

  8. AJ

    Different drummer? I bet you listen to that Stone Ponies Different Drum sh*t when you’re not busy gettin’ down to the Cowsills.

    Different strokes, though, is an entirely different matter. I saw these guys, standing just feet away from them in a small gymnasium at Boston’s BU.

    But even better, I forget if it was ’67 or ’68, was Hendrix in a small gym with a stage in white plains — quite a sound for a three piece.

  9. Anonymous

    Proximity to the Point is one of the key factors that determine the property price in Greenwich. Just my thinking.

  10. Anon58

    Too bad you never went to a game. You missed seeing Donald Ward, the greatest running back in the history of GHS football.

    • I do believe Donny was a classmate – not sure of that but short, large black kid, right? The jocks wanted nothing to do with me and, I suppose, the feeling of indifference was reciprocal (for some reason, Jeff Clark and Scott Morgan were exceptions), but if I have the right Donny in mind he was a nice guy who I attended several classes with. Whatever happened to him? (oops – just Googled him – looks like he’s dead, which is sad).

  11. Anon58

    Chris – Donald, class of ’71, was not short; 6’2″, and probably weighed around 200 or 205 back then. Strong as an ox and fast as the wind. Indeed a sad story. Donald had to prep a year after GHS; I believe at a school up in Vermont or New Hampshire. He was slated to go to Penn State after the completion of his prep year, and was involved in a terrible automobile accident on his way back to Greenwich from the prep school, and suffered a serious head injury. He never played football again.

  12. hmmm


    What is even more lame is being a spectator in the game of life….

  13. GPD Folk

    Donald Ward was an outstanding football player and arguably one of the best GHS has ever seen. I had the good fortune to be his team mate. Donald PG’d at Milton Academy in Milton Ma. We thought he was headed to Soth Carolina after that{his first choice} in any event we were certain he was destined for the NFL. Then the crash which happened in Mass that changed Donald forever. He enjoys a special place in GHS sports history.,…..say the name Donald……everyone knows who you mean.

    • Yes, GPD, an earlier reader’s comment brought back my memory of the man. As noted, I wasn’t part of his circle but his and my social (anti-social, in my case) worlds intersected a bit because we were both friends of Jeff Clark’s. I left town after high school and so never learned of his sad fate until yesterday. Such a shame.

  14. Anon58

    GPD – Thanks for clarifying where Donald prepped and his college plans. For some reason, I had always heard it was Penn State. GHS has had some very good running backs in the last 20 years, and someone will invariably say this one, or that one, is the best ever, and I’ll say, “You never saw Donald Ward play.”