Where in the World are Walt Noel’s daughters? Here’s one of them, freshly removed from Nodding Hill to Parsons Green and shy a bedroom

FWIW spies are everywhere: Here’s the latest from a Craig’s List – type bulletin board in England, wherein Ariane Noel Sodi seeks domestic help.

We are a brazilian/italian/ american family looking for full time, mainly a live in housekeeper.
I have posted ads in the past and have found competent part time help, and have tried many combinations of shifts of hours during the week/two people part time, and i have not been satisfied with the results. I would like one person who is responsible for the house, deep cleaning, laundry and ironing, polishing silver, cooking, shopping, keeping outdoor space tidy, watering plants (as needed i can fill gaps with part time help). So far the day has seemed too long for live out. We have five children, but two girls at boarding school. If i find the right person, my idea is to have someone live in my daughters room who is away 90 percent of the time. When she is back from school for a weekend, i was hoping the person i found had a place to go … as well as during the persons time off. 
Hours etc, can be discussed over an interview.
I would like someone energetic who likes family life, is willing to learn, takes the initiative, has had housekeeping and cooking experience.
If interested, please email.
Please let me know nationality, languages spoken, age, and housekeeping/cooking experience by email.
Thank you,
Kind regards, Ariane Sodi



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16 responses to “Where in the World are Walt Noel’s daughters? Here’s one of them, freshly removed from Nodding Hill to Parsons Green and shy a bedroom

  1. anonymous

    Sounds like a good job. You forgot to post the contact information, so how can I apply? Of course I worry about this:


  2. Jane

    Alix at gala at GCC last night.

  3. Walt

    Weasel Boy –
    So what’s up? Web traffic has been slow and you need to drag out the filly’s in a desperate attempt to drive some traffic? Huh? HUH!!!

    That is the WOP side of the family. Ariane foaled with Marco Sodi. He is half WOP and half wetback. Lucky him. Right?

    Anyhows, do you have any idea how hard it is to watch those five kids? They behave like Mexican jumping beans. THEY NEVER STOP!! Plus the girls need help shaving their backs, and do you know how long that takes? And they run for the doors and windows at every opportunity, like they are heading for the Arizona border. So cut poor Ariane a break, won’t ya?

    And the 82 year old tuna hag in your other post? I have long considered suing CVS. You have no idea how many times I was shoplifting some personal items, and a box of Playtex Maxi-pads hits me on the head out of nowhere. It pisses me off. So I am supporting tuna hag on this one. She probably didn’t even get to steal anything.

    Pumpkin picking today?
    Your Pal,

  4. observer

    There may be binders full of women to tap into.

  5. Brown Eyed Girl

    Chris, you have really brightened my day with this – thank you! I feel much better about my own imperfect housekeeping standards. 🙂

  6. Greenwich Gal

    No Shame.

  7. Craigslist losers, really

    I think your helper Ariane is going to walk off with that silver you want polished. Good way to get robbed. No street smarts. Her dad had no Wall Street smarts either. Who has silver to polish anymore? Don’t go cheap Ariane. Hire a firm. Better yet, do it yourself. Or shop the beaches of Brazil in Rio like your Mom did.

  8. anonymous

    Ariane needs to have her silver polished. It’s an important part of the job description for her new maid, right up there with child care and plant watering (although Ariane says she can do some of the plant watering). Do you think she has a lot of silver? Did Monica give it to her, paid for with stolen money? If Picard claws all the stolen money back, will Ariane have to give the silver back? Then will the new maid lose her job? Or will the new maid just have less to do because there is no more silver to polish? Do you think Monica has a lot of silver also? I wonder who polishes all of that? I bet it looks really nice. I bet she has a nice house too. Several houses actually. I wonder if she has silver which needs polishing in Mustique? Manhattan? Greenwich? Southampton? Palm Beach? Do you think they eat off silver plates? Gold plates? Do you think the people Monica and Walter stole money from still have silver, or they don’t have any silver left because they gave it all to Monica who gave some to Ariane? Do you think those people gave the Noels the gold fillings from their teeth too? Do you have to polish gold? Maybe that’s what Walter does all day now, polishes his gold that he got from other people. I wonder.

  9. Green Mtn Punter

    Do you mean Notting Hill? Did I miss the irony in “Nodding” Hill? These Noels should be in jail right along with Madoff, the Obama Administration, and George Soros. Have I overlooked anyone? What happened to their partner in crime – Jeff Tucker?- who had the fancy horse farm near Saratoga Springs? Last I knew they were to auc- 2-3 yrs ago- they were to auction off the place. Anyone know? Time for a Noel/FFG update, isn’t it?

  10. Anonymous

    This daughter has lived in London for years and is married to somebody who made his career independently of Walt. http://www.marcosodi.com/

    That being said, polishing silver, really?

  11. Anonymous

    It’s got to be a fake .

    Who puts their real name in a CL ad ?

  12. Anonymous – I don’t think the ad means that Araine will help with the plant watering – I think it means that as needed she can fill the gaps by getting other part-time help – that’s how I read it, anyway.

    But I can’t figure what is it with rich people anyway. Am I the only person who prefers the non-taste of stainless steel? Who really wants utensils to be made of something that turns black if you don’t keep massaging it with mushy polish?

  13. Walt

    peeps –
    If you massage me with mushy polish you may like it. And I won’t turn black on you. Promise!! Pinky twist!!
    Your Pal,

  14. OK – Meet me on Halloween night, 10 pm, in the sand trap near the 3rd hole at Innis Arden, and I’ll bring the polish. If by chance you do turn black, hey, that may be even more fun.

  15. Meaning that if Walt turns black, maybe all the liver spots won’t show as much.

  16. Yellowknife

    Well, at least Ariane’s schmancy Georgetown education taught her to use the keyboard’s shift key. Is our children learning?