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Shocker II – Obama’s lying about the number of jobs “his” economy created the past four years

Factcheck.org: 5.2 million claimed, 325,000 actual. Obama: “uh, uh, that’s not optimal”.


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Shocker: don’t blame PMS, it doesn’t exist. Women are moody, cranky people all the time

The science is settled: you’re just a bitch

Hey, I’m not saying it, real live doctor-types are saying it. 

38 percent found no relationship between menstruation and moods.

The remaining 9 percent of studies allegedly claimed women experienced the worst moods while not in a premenstrual phase.

In short, 85 percent of the studies did not observe what is classically known as PMS, and just over half of the studies found menstruation and mood to not be related at all.

UPDATE: I’m not quite sure how this story is related, but I know it is, in some way. Convincing Chinese women to think they’re hairy when they aren’t.


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Nope – nothing stirring

Though I’ll check in a few minutes to make sure nothing slipped in at the closing bell. 751 Lake Avenue is reported as sold for $6 million dollars but I know nothing about that – it was never listed on the MLS and was brokered by two agents at Round Hill Partners. Nothing at all wrong with that, I’m just explaining why there’s no information on it.


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Sometimes it’s not just the price

21 Cat Rock Road

Almost four years after starting off on the market asking $1.985 million, 21 Cat Rock, price now down to $1.599, finally reports an accepted offer. Price is always a critical part of selling a house of course but in this case more was needed because the place looked like a worn, tired old builder’s special from 1999. I showed it as a rental a year ago and never went back to it with potential buyers because I’d have been wasting their and my time, but I see that the listing now says it has new landscaping, new appliances, hardwood floors replacing the horrible carpet upstairs and a “major clean up”, including a power washing. The place needed all those things; indeed, my rental client and I were baffled that anyone trying to sell or even rent his property wouldn’t at least power wash the mold and scum and dirt that had accumulated on its siding.

Now they have, and now they have a buyer. Coincidence? I think not.



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Their schools have failed, their teens are killing each other in record numbers and their budget woes are awful. What’s a city council to do?


Morons lineup

DC City Council prepares to ban large sodas. Right after they legalized gay marriage. These are not serious people.


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Hussein: we don’t need no army, no navy, we got technology for that

A reader points out that the Marines still use bayonets and over at Intapundit a retired Special Forces warrior supplies this picture. The Navy, by the way, wants 311 new ships, notwithstanding the Commander in Chief’s contention that the troubles of the world can be handled via video games in the Pentagon War Room.

Low tech in Afghanistan


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This is why I object to get-out-the-vote campaigns

I don’t care whether this woman cares about foreign policy or economic issues or abortion, I don’t want her voting for any reason.

Radio show caller wants deer crossing signs relocated to low-traffic areas so the poor dears won’t be tempted to risk fate. No shit.

Roseanne Rosannadanna must be miffed at the competition.


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The Obama reelection campaign, in its totality


October 23, 2012 · 4:40 am