Nope – nothing stirring

Though I’ll check in a few minutes to make sure nothing slipped in at the closing bell. 751 Lake Avenue is reported as sold for $6 million dollars but I know nothing about that – it was never listed on the MLS and was brokered by two agents at Round Hill Partners. Nothing at all wrong with that, I’m just explaining why there’s no information on it.


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3 responses to “Nope – nothing stirring

  1. anon44

    well something is stirring for tomorrow. it’s all over the blogs – Gloria Allred is in Boston, demanding a sealed file is unsealed. Something about Romney and a secret abortion. 9am. Judge has authority to unseal documents in what GA calls an “emergency.” Yeah, the emergency is Obama is dying on the vine in the polls. Trump is also supposed to unveil some dirt tomorrow but as far as I can tell, it’s nothing – that Barack and Michelle filed for divorce. The conservative blogs (Legal Insurrection mostly) are all over Gloria and the Dems are drooling at the opportunity to take down Mitt a few notches. So hardly that nothing is stirring.

  2. Anonymous

    Why do I think I am reading about two different towns in two different economies when I read your (admittedly funnier) blog and your brother’s. 96 sales in 30 days ?

    • One of us is a paid representative of the Greenwich Association of Realtors?

      OK, that’s a little harsh, but in the post you linked to, Gideon amasses 96 transactions and reports them all as “sales within the past 30 days”. Hmm – most of the actual sales are the end result of contracts entered into 30,60 or 90 days ago so aren’t an accurate picture of current market activity. Contracts are indeed an up-to-date indicator but the 96 number doesn’t give a breakdown.

      And, as Gideon points out, almost none of the 96, sales or contracts, involve homes priced at more than $4 million. You want to sell a $500,000 dumpster load in Byram, now’s the time – you have an up-scale mega-mansion to unload, you’re in trouble.

      Al of which is to say, the market activity can be viewed positively or negatively, depending on what you have to sell.