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He’s got friends in low places

An American dollar in every shack

Gutpa gets two years. His tip of insider information to Raj cost no one anything.

Feds sue BOA and Countrywide Mortgage to recover the $1 billion it cost the government to cover Countrywide’s fraudulent mortgages.

Who’s going to jail for the Countrywide theft?


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Stats for brats

Raveis stats for September. Look good, but check their site for full details.


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Hate your spouse? Ship the dear to this pied a terre

Midget Acres

I don’t know what pies have to do with Greenwich real estate, but this one bedroom, 1,000 sq. ft.  “house” at 32 Heusted Drive in Old Greenwich can be yours for just $739,000. Comes with a FARport, and Heusted’s a nice street.


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Seems like a reasonable price here, pending tomorrow’s open house

76 Cat Rock Road

76 Cat Rock Road just came on today, asking $3.295 million, a considerable discount from when it sold new in 2006 for $3.725. Assuming that drop is the owner’s estimate of the market’s decline and not because the house was infested by bats or something, this looks like a pretty good deal. A 20% discount from that 2006 price would yield a selling price of $2.980 and somewhere between that number and this asking price, I’m sure there’s an agreement to be reached. I look forward to seeing it.


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Okay, this one is just silly

Not going, not going, not gone!

Not 8 Indian Point Lane’s new price of $2.495; it’s 1.5 acres in a one-acre zone on a tidal pond with an excellent view, but its original $4.795 September 2011 price. This is, and always was a land sale and pricing it as though it were a new mansion simply killed any serious inquiries. My favorite part of the listing? “Early closing is possible”. Ha.


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5,000,000 “green jobs”

And if these are typical of that effort, then the “investment in our future” Obama keeps describing is an investment in nothing.  Workers at Stimulus Fund battery plant sit around playing cards and watching TV but have yet to produce a battery. “President Obama told those same workers back in June 2010, ‘You are leading the way in showing how manufacturing jobs are coming right back here to the United States of America.’”

The benefactor of these US taxpayer dollars, besides the Michigan “workers”, is LG Chemical, part of LG Corp, Korea’s second-largest conglomerate. Is it fair to ask whether the choice to give LG stimulus money had more to do with supporting then-Michigan’s Democrat governor, Obama transition team member and staunch political ally, Jennifer Granholm, than any actual need for cash by LG?


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