God bless Texas

Threaten to arrest UN election observers if they show up at the polls. I only regret that Texas seems to have sworn off hanging horse thieves.


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6 responses to “God bless Texas

  1. Anonymous

    Pretty good.

    Too bad, it’s not: beat the crap out of the UN statists.

  2. CatoRenasci

    Tar and feathers, carry them to the state border on a rail.

  3. JRH

    Yep, nothing says democracy and the rule of law like threatening to arrest election observers, and “accusing” them of having met with opponents of certain laws. The audacity…

  4. Green Mtn Punter

    If he could speak from the grave, Joe McCarthy would say that we have learned nothing from the ’50’s and the subsequent exposure of the Soviet attack on us as revealed in the Venona decrypts. Now we have a POTUS in The White House who is covertly on the same page as the Russians and not his fellow Americans.

  5. Green Mtn Punter

    Any commenter critical has no standing unless having read Stanton Evans book on McCarthy, “Blacklisted By History”, and the Haynes/Klehr books on “Venona”. Everything else published is just Progressive/ Commie propaganda.