Open house tour

There are several worth the gasoline to see, so I’ll be heading out soon. One I won’t bother with is a house that’s now on its third broker but still at the same price – the sellers want back what they paid in 2007 and are obviously willing to wait until 2007 comes around again. That may take some time, so I hope they enjoy living where they do.


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7 responses to “Open house tour

  1. A Nonny Moose

    I went to 76 Cat Rock today, that’s a lot of house for the money with a big yard in a good school dist and close to town. That house in OG would be $4M+ and on half as much land. I saw you there today CF, do you agree? I think I know what 2007 house you are talking about and I agree. Good luck.

    • I left there, called a client and we were back within the hour. Not sure if she liked it as much as I did (because of her family’s specific needs) but it’s an excellent house, good value.

  2. G'wich Transplant

    Prices on Cat Rock are considerably lower than other parts of town since so many people don’t want to live on such a circuitous street. For people that don’t mind (me included), they get a lot of house for the buck.

    • No question about the road (although compared to Cognewaugh, it’s a highway). But large yards, nice houses, a steep discount from Riverside prices and, at least in this home’s case, an easy zip to civilization.

  3. Anonymous

    Problem is that this area on Cat Rock is so difficult to access. You run the risk of a car accident driving on those roads. Better to be on a safer road where you have safer access. One can easily get killed on Cat Rock if the person coming in the other direction is driving too fast.

  4. Matt

    I’ve lived on Cat Rock for 23 years and I’ve never had an accident nor seen one. How is it difficult to access? You’ve got Valley Road, Bible and Stanwich. If you drive the speed limit and pay attention it is no more dangerous than any other road in Greenwich. Porchuck, Pecksland, Cliffdale, Zaccheus, Dingletown, I could go on and on. We live in a rural town, you need to pay attention, if you are texting on your new iPhone 5 in your Chevy Suburban while driving on Cat Rock then yes you are probably looking for trouble.