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Off to bed

Waiting for Sandy

Nothing doing. Maybe tomorrow will bring some excitement but if I were Peter Tesei or one of the emergency “experts” who ordered thousands of people out of their homes today, I’d be getting nervous.

UPDATE, 6:35 AM: hope folks enjoyed themselves in the Peter Tesei Memorial Emergency Shelter at Eastern Junior High last night. We were quite comfortable here: the sandbags placed by our servants kept the water far away to our south – somewhere in North Carolina, I believe – and the delicious breakfast just served to us in bed makes watching silly TV reporters in rain jackets on beaches in lower New Jersey, desperately searching for a wave large enough to dampen their sneakers, all that more fun. Today, it’s off to the Field Club for mimosas and eggs Benedict at noon.


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Cheap at any price

Democrat of the Year

Stacey Hessler, the deranged mother of four who abandoned her family to become a professional bag lady  “Occupier” has divorced her husband after clearing out his $85,000 401K and his savings account.

In the new spirit of this blog I won’t refer to this prototypical Occupy cretin who slept with at least four of her fellow demonstrators back then in Zucchini Park as a “slut”: we now call such people (Sandra) “Flukes”.

By the way, do you remember Dollar Bill’s prediction that the Occupy movement would rear its pustulent face again last spring, returning “stronger that ever? If only DB himself would disappear so thoroughly.


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With so many eligible, who picked this one?

“Democrat of the Year” convicted of felony theft


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Hell no, we won’t go!

Back in town just in time to learn that Greenwich has ordered all residents within a mile (!) of Long Island Sound to evaluate evacuate. The way I understand it you don’t really have to go (I’m not) but there’s no one who will risk his life trying to save you if you call for help. With the exception of Dollar Bill, who is doubtless already whimpering in a suit at the Hyatt Regency, most people, I hope, would think this is an eminently fair policy – be as stupid and stubborn as you like, but don’t demand others to come to your aid if endangered.

From what I hear, the town is ordering this massive relocation because, its “people” say, there’s a 20′ storm surge coming. They seem to have arrived at this number by taking the expected surge of 12′ and adding it to the mean high water level of 8′, but I’ve always understood elevation to be measured from mean high water, so we’re back to 12′, no?

In any event, Pal Nancy’s basement is 12′ high, my mother’s house is almost 18′ and no massive surf is going to make its way up Ole’s Creek. We might lose a couple of furnaces and that would be annoying, but hardly life threatening.

Besides, who could turn down an opportunity to do some live-blogging from a hurricane, at least until the electricity goes out? Should be fun.


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