Off to bed

Waiting for Sandy

Nothing doing. Maybe tomorrow will bring some excitement but if I were Peter Tesei or one of the emergency “experts” who ordered thousands of people out of their homes today, I’d be getting nervous.

UPDATE, 6:35 AM: hope folks enjoyed themselves in the Peter Tesei Memorial Emergency Shelter at Eastern Junior High last night. We were quite comfortable here: the sandbags placed by our servants kept the water far away to our south – somewhere in North Carolina, I believe – and the delicious breakfast just served to us in bed makes watching silly TV reporters in rain jackets on beaches in lower New Jersey, desperately searching for a wave large enough to dampen their sneakers, all that more fun. Today, it’s off to the Field Club for mimosas and eggs Benedict at noon.


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11 responses to “Off to bed

  1. Malloy on The Today Show now, using words like catastrophic, 30 towns of forced evacuations, affecting at least four high tides. Asked if he has crews in to restore power outages he said it depends on if the damage is by flooding. Long story short, he said be prepared for days if not weeks of outages.

  2. I’m just reporting what I heard.

    I never watch the Today Show except during storms because I love seeing weathermen make fools of themselves, leaning into the winds standing in waders on the beach. Al Roker and Lester Holt did not disappoint.

    • EOS, I’m pretty sure there’s just one piece of stock footage, probably dating back to 1960’s Hurricane Donna, that the entire television world drags out and replays in a continuous loop whenever danger threatens. Al Rocker, Jim Cantore, et als are just edited in as the years go by.

  3. anonymous

    Yeah, good idea the Field Club. Belle Haven, Indian Harbor and Riverside are all underwater.

    • Well then we’ll just have to regroup at Round Hill, where Bitsy and Biff are holding a hurricane party for all the best people. Walter and Monica are not invited but I suppose they’ll just wander over anyway, drat them!

  4. watergirl

    Maybe you should eat your words now!!!! I think the emergency experts were bang on with their predictions and orders. Losses are overwhelming around Greenwich and Stanford, especially on the waterfront.

  5. watergirl

    The people who were ordered out of their homes were the ones who ended up with the most damage. Not sure where you live, but my waterfront home in Stamford has catastrophic damage. I also watched from my house, the homes on Binney Lane burn to the ground. Lots of folks were brought to their knees by this hurricane. I am disappointed when people such as yourself make such careless statements. Perhaps you should put a little more faith in the experts. They knew what they were talking about in this case.

    • Find the careless statement and (maybe) I’ll retract it. Know your house, know your location and make up your own mind to stay or leave. Just don’t refuse to leave and then ask to be rescued – that’s bad form.

  6. watergirl

    I just found your entire “Off to Bed” posting in poor taste. The tone was blasé in the face of what we were being told was going to be a catostrophic event. You wrote that you thought Tesei should be nervous for ordering people from their homes. Thank God he did or else things might be even worse than they already were.