With so many eligible, who picked this one?

“Democrat of the Year” convicted of felony theft


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3 responses to “With so many eligible, who picked this one?

  1. Mazama

    In the article the Democrat party boss says “After much consideration, my decision was that the award being presented by my organization and the alleged financial exploitation need to be compartmentalized, one having no bearing on the other.”

    Translation: “Morals and ethics have no place in Democrat politics. All we care about is that the woman promoted our party’s efforts to get into or stay in power. Anybody who doesn’t understand this is nothing but one of those disgusting teabaggers.”

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Frankenstorm barrels in, on little cat’s feet
    It is big, and the thunder is drumming.
    I sit on my couch,
    Playing with my trouser mouse,
    I hope it won’t stop me from cumming.
    Spank it here, spank it there,
    Spank it everywhere!!
    So let it rain.
    And the wind it may blow.
    Let’s just play with our joysticks,
    Because that’s all we know!!
    Want to do haiku?
    Your Pal,

  3. Fred2

    The sad thing, you know if this was a republican, it would be front page news and subject of stupid jokes for weeks.